Little Thicket Park

Contact Info
 Address: 1831 West 23rd St
               Houston, TX 77008
Phone: H.P.A.R.D. Permits Office: 832.394.8805
            H.P.A.R.D. Information: 832.395.7000
Houston Service Helpline:
To request park repairs please call 311 or 713.837.0311 or submit your request online by clicking this link.


Little Thicket Park , located at 1831 West 23rd Street, is a 10.6-acre slice of nature near the intersection of Ella Boulevard and the North Loop. The city acquired the original tract in 1957 for $1.00 from Hugh January and Leslie L. Appelt. The men declined to have their names given to the park, so it was named Helberg Park after the old Helberg estate, which it was carved from.

It backed up to White Oak Bayou, which at that time was a pristine wilderness. Flood control issues caused the bayou to be rerouted into another channel and lined with concrete in 1957. Fortunately, the streambed at Helberg Park was left alone. An additional tract was bought from Appelt in 1970 and added to the park. 


The Magic Circle Exchange Club entered the story in 1974. Its members were looking for a community service project and decided that the park needed a new look and a new name. Supervised by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, the club and University of Houston architecture professors and students redesigned the park and proposed changing the name to Little Thicket Park. January and Appelt were pleased with the improvements and were delighted by the new name. City Council made it official in 1975.

Little Thicket Park retains its status as a wildlife habitat, but there is a clearing at the foot of West 23rd Street where park visitors can enjoy the walking trail or have a picnic at a shady table. Sitting on the wooden deck, they might watch birds, butterflies, and various species of animals.