Sylvan Rodriguez Park

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 Address: 1201 Clear Lake City Blvd
               Houston, TX 77062
 Phone: H.P.A.R.D. Permits Office: 832.394.8805
             H.P.A.R.D. Information: 832.395.7000
Houston Service Helpline:
To request park repairs please call 311 or 713.837.0311 or submit your request online by clicking this link.


In 1991, the City of Houston purchased a 111.46-acre property near Clear Lake for $1,399,000. Eight years later, in 1999, a $2.5 million dollar appropriation funded the first phase of the park’s development.

Clark Condon Associates, Inc., with the active participation of the Association of Clear Lake Communities and Bay Pointe Subdivision, designed the plans for the park that would eventually be named Sylvan Rodriguez Park.

The park is designed with an aeronautical and archaeoastronomy theme. The circular forms of the parking lot and plaza are aligned with the crescent lake on a north-south axis. As a connection to prehistoric astronomers, stone portals viewed from the plaza’s center mark the points where the sun appears on the winter and summer solstices. A spiral labyrinth in the plaza represents the order of the cosmos, and around it are 13 trees, representing the 13 lunar cycles per year.

There is a jogging trail, a sitting ring monument, a picnic pavilion, practice fields and lacrosse fields as well as a rocket-themed playground.

On August 25, 2001, the new park was named after distinguished journalist Sylvan Rodriguez, who resided in the Clear Lake Area and was an ardent supporter of the Challenger Centers during his lifetime. Sylvan Rodriguez began his career in San Antonio, and spent part of his life covering news as a Los Angeles-based correspondent for ABC News, but the majority of his TV career was spent in Houston at KHOU and KTRK. 


The Sylvan Rodriguez Park Long Range Master Plan is a result of input from park users interested in the development of the park. District E Council Member Mike Sullivan hosted a community meeting on March 27th, 2008, to gather input for the master plan. Clark Condon and Associates took that information and developed the Long Range Master Plan. Estimated cost for the improvements is $10,000,000 plus and currently there is $1,000,000 identified for this park in the Capital Improvement Program. A copy of the New

Sylvan Rodriguez Park Long Range Park Master Plan is available for printing in pdf format.

On August 6, 2013, H.P.A.R.D. Director Joe Turner, District E City Council Member Dave Martin, and Lajuana Porter, representing the Clear Lake Lacrosse Association, cut the ribbon opening the next phase of improvements at Sylvan Rodriguez Park. Joining the list of amenities at the park are a 120-car parking area with lights, electric service for field and parking area lights, a new multi-purpose field west of the existing lacrosse fields, a paved sidewalk connecting the parking lot and fields, and irrigation and detention.  Attending the ceremony were players from the Clear Lake Lacrosse Association.