2017 Summer Swim Schedule

With the end of the 2017 swim season, H.P.A.R.D. pools have closed. They will reopen in time for Memorial Day weekend 2018.

The Memorial Park pool remains open for lap swimming Tuesday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., until November 3, or until the water temperature dips below 72 degrees.

Alief (SwimWise)
 11903 Bellaire, 77072
Hobart Taylor
 8100 Kenton, 77028
 8203 Vogue, 77055
Agnes Moffitt
 10645 Hammerly, 77043
Inde Heights (SwimWise)
 603 East 35th, 77022
 6600 Harbor Town, 77036
Beverly Hills
 9800 Kingspoint, 77075
Judson Robinson, Sr. (SwimWise)
 1422 Ledwicke, 77029
 1031 Stude, 77009
 203 Mississippi, 77029
 1048 Grenshaw, 77007
 3502 Bellfort, 77051
 11800 Scott, 77047
 1000 West 12th St., 77008
T.C. Jester
 4205 T.C. Jester, 77018
Denver Harbor (Selena Perez)
 1020 Gazin, 77020
 5225 Calhoun, 77021
 9720 Spaulding, 77016
 7521 Avenue H, 77012
 541 South 75 th, 77023
 3403 Simsbrook, 77045
 5000 Harrisburg, 77011
 6402 Arnot, 77007
Tuffly (SwimWise)
 3200 Russell, 77026
 3018 Emancipation, 77004
 3201 Fulton, 77009
 10605 Mullins, 77096
 4900 Providence, 77020
 6911 Nordling, 77076
Wilson Memorial
 100 Gilpin, 77034
George T. Nelson (Yellowstone)
 6900 LaSalette, 77021
Oak Forest
 1400 Dubarry, 77018
Windsor Village
 14441 Croquet, 77085
 8201 North Bayou, 77017
 7700 Oak Vista, 77087
 602 Beresford, 77015
 11507 Hughes, 77089

Please note the following Pool Rules and Regulations designed to insure that your trip to a Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) pool is a pleasant one. Please note: Failure to obey a lifeguard on duty may result in immediate removal from the premises by law enforcement.

HPARD Pool Rules and Regulations

  1. Non-Service Animals Prohibited
  2. Changing diapers within 6 feet of water feature is prohibited
  3. Use of water feature if ill with a contagious disease is prohibited
  4. Do not drink water from water feature
  5. Use of water feature when ill with diarrhea is prohibited
  6. Appropriate swim-wear required – No cut-os, shorts, T-shirts, or thongs Swim diapers are required for infants and babies
  7. Shower with soap and water before entering pool
  8. Children under 8 must be accompanied in the pool by a parent or an adult
  9. No diving permitted
  10. Walk, don’t run, in and around the pool
  11. No rowdy, reckless, or objectionable behavior permitted
  12. No smoking, eating, or drinking, except in designated areas
  13. No beverages or alcohol in glass containers permitted
  14. No profanity, vulgar remarks, or abusive language permitted
  15. Only USA Coast Guard-approved life preserve wear is permitted
  16. No flotation devices, such as floaties and inflatables, are permitted
  17. No guests allowed in oice or mechanical areas, except in emergencies
  18. No group activities allowed for day camps, private lessons, or swim teams without prior approval from the Director of the Parks an Recreation Department or designee
  19. Organized groups must provide at least one adult chaperone for every 8 swimmers
  20. Aquatic sta is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or personal items
  21. Pool closes immediately at first sign of thunder or lightning and re-opens 30 minutes after thunder and lightning have ended
  22. No excessively loud music permitted
  23. No open swimming in deep end or diving wells
  24. Swim lanes are recommended for circle lap swimming
  25. Only one user on water slide at a time, with immediate entry into pool Respect others and enjoy your visit!

Deep Water Slide Rules and Regulations (For Patrons)

  1. A person must be at minimum 42” in height and able to swim unassisted to use water slides and tread water where applicable for 30 seconds to qualify.
  2. No free swim allowed in the diving well.
  3. One person on the water slide at a time, with an immediate entry into the water.
  4. Wait for previous water slide guest to reach the ladder before descending into the water.
  5. Swim directly to ladder and exit.
  6. Guests using water slide are not allowed to:
    1. Stand directly under or in front of the ladder
    2. Run o the slide
    3. Do hand stands or cartwheels o the slide
    4. Wear personal flotation devices
    5. No hanging from water slide
    6. No hanging on the side of diving well or sitting around the deck of diving well
    7. Parents and/or private instructors may not slide with the child from the water slide or wait in the water in front of the water slide for the child to descend
    8. Slide head first
  7. Lifeguards enforce all rules for the safety of all guests using the water slides.
  8. Use caution when using the water slides.

Deep Water Swim Test Policy

The deep water swim test consists of jumping feet first from the side of the pool at the deep end, coming up treading water for 30 seconds, leveling o and swimming any stroke across the pool
and back on the surface of the water.

What to Know Before You Go

What to Wear
Appropriate commercial swim-wear is required – No cut-offs, shorts, T-shirts, or thongs. The City of Houston’s policy prohibits the wearing of T-shirts in swimming pools unless an exemption letter has been accepted and filed in our Aquatics Office. Exemptions are granted based on medical and/or religious reasons, for the wearing of plain white T-shirts only.

For the Kids
Children under 8 must be accompanied in the pool by a parent or an adult. Swim diapers are required for infants and babies. No flotation devices are permitted, such as floaters and inflatables.

What Not to Do
No smoking is allowed. No eating and drinking is allowed, except in designated areas. No beverages in glass containers or alcohol are permitted. No excessively loud music is permitted.