Platting Standards Committee

Mayor Sylvester Turner stated, “Houston is growing in record numbers. More than ever, our citizens want walkable places that connect to parks and activity centers. Our city needs to grow and develop responsibly and efficiently, under the guidance of the Code of Ordinances.”


About the Committee

Will consider issues and potential revisions to Chapter 42 platting standards and related ordinance changes.

The Planning Commission on Platting Standards is a committee of the Houston Planning Commission comprised of neighborhood, development and other technical representatives. The committee will consider and make recommendations on potential changes to the platting standards in Chapter 42; and consider and make recommendation on establishing a predictable process for regularly reviewing and revising development codes administered by the Planning and Development Department.

Current Committee Members

  • Sonny Garza, Chair
  • Lisa Clark, Vice Chair
  • Suvidha Bandi
  • Catherine Barchfield
  • Cindy Chapman
  • Brian Crimmins
  • Algenita Davis
  • Mike Dishberger
  • Truman Edminster
  • Marlene Gafrick
  • Tammy Hendrix
  • Mary Lou Henry
  • Michael Huffmaster
  • Mark Klein
  • Lydia Mares
  • Casey Morgan
  • Bridgette Murray
  • Joyce Owens
  • Chris Patterson
  • Joshua Sanders
  • Richard Smith
  • Andy Teas
  • Patrick Walsh
  • Tracy Youngblood
  • Shaukat Zakaria

Committee Documents

March 9, 2017

January 12, 2017

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