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Demographic Data

The City of Houston’s population is *2,201,027

The Planning and Development Department uses information from the U.S. Census Bureau along with other agencies to develop demographic data and estimates for the City as well as City Council Districts and City Super Neighborhoods. Demographic data includes, but is not limited to: population, housing, household, income and other social characteristics. Please see official demographic descriptions for further details. For more information, please contact Bala Balachandran at

*Source: Planning and Development, as of January 1, 2014

Letter from U.S. Census Bureau - Revised 2010 Census Population and Housing Count

Demographic Information

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Data by Super Neighborhood Geographic Boundary

2011 American Community Survey



2010 Race/Ethnicity by Super Neighborhoods



2000 Super Neighborhood Data

Data by Council District Geographic Boundary

2011 American Community Survey Data


Council District Compilation Data


Council District Profiles


Council District Maps by Zip codes

Data by Residential Building Permit

2014 Citywide Permits


2014 Citywide Plats


2013 Citywide


2013 Districts


2013 Citywide Permits


2013 Citywide Plats


2012 Citywide


2012 Districts


2011 Citywide


2011 Districts


Data by Other Criteria

2013 Employment and Unemployment Data


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