Development Regulations & Information:

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Guidelines for Modification of Sidewalks and Safety Buffer View New!
Application for Modification of Sidewalks Standards View New!
Development Fees View
Access Agreement for Construction and Maintenance View
Certificate of Compliance Application View
Development Site Plan Review View
Hazardous Enterprise Application View New!
Honorary Street Marker Procedures and Standards View
Hotel/Motel Application View
Hotel/Motel Variance View
Landscape Analysis Form View
Landscape Regulations for Development View
No Zoning Letter and Boundary Map View New!
Reference Guide: Amending Plats View
Reference Guide: Public Hearing Packet View
Reference Guide: Variance & Special Exception Requests (Development Plats) View
Reference Guide: Variance Requests (Off Street Parking) View
Reference Guide: Variance & Special Exception Requests (Subdivision Plats) View
Street Name: Change Procedures and Standards View
Street Name: Private Street Naming Procedures and Standards View
Tower Form: Application with Checklist View
Tower Form: Deed Restriction Affidavit View
Tower Form: Waiver View
Tower Form: Waiver 1000ft View
Variance Form: Prevailing Building Line Vested Right View


Document Name English Español
Recordation Package - City View
Recordation Package - County View
NEW Subdivision Platting Recordation Dedicatory Acknowledgements & Certifications View
Lienholder’s Subordination to Dedication View
Owner’s Ratification of Plats View
Recorded Map Return Agreement Certificate View
Reference Guide: Amending Plats View
Recordation Process View
Recordation Review Checklist View
Plat Tracker Applicant User Guide View

Site Planning:

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Sidewalk Requirements: Chapter 40 - Frequently Asked Questions View New!
Sidewalk Guidelines for Modification View New!
Sidewalk Application for Modification of the Pedestrian Realm View New!
Sidewalk Application for Modification of Standards View New!
Variance Form: Off-Street Parking Variance View
Variance Form: Landscape Plan Variance View
Variance Form: Development Plat Application View

Historic Preservation:

Document Name English Español
Alteration & Addition COA Application Packet View
New Construction COA Application Packet View
New Construction (Accessory Structure) COA Application Packet View
Restoration/Alteration (No Addition) COA Application Packet View
COA Relocation Application Checklist View
COA Demolition Application Checklist View
COA Sign Requirements View
COA Application Fee Information View
2017 HAHC Schedule & Procedures View
2018 HAHC Schedule & Procedures View
2019 HAHC Schedule & Procedures View
Landmark, Protected Landmark or Archaeological Site Designation Application View
Historic District Designation Application View
Economic Incentives for Historic Buildings Pamphlet View
Landmark/Protected Landmark Plaque Order Form View

Community Sustainability:

Document Name English Español
Special Minimum Lot Size Area (SMLSA) Application View
Special Minimum Building Line Block (SMBLB) Application View
Special Minimum Lot Size Block (SMLSB) Application View

Last Updated: August 17, 2021