Boulevard Oaks


The Boulevard Oaks Historic District is roughly bounded by Milford Street to the north, Mandell Street to the east, Bissonnet Street to the south, and Hazard Street to the west. It includes three full blocks and nine partial blocks along North Boulevard and South Boulevard. Cross streets in the district are Woodhead and Dunlavy.

The Boulevard Oaks Historic District is made up of the 1500 through 1900 blocks of North and South Boulevards. This includes both sides of North Boulevard and South Boulevard for three blocks east of Hazard Street. Ten additional properties are also part of the district. These include seven facing Mandell Street, just north of North Boulevard. The other three lots make up the 1600 block of Bissonnet Street; two of those serve as backyards for homes on South Boulevard. In total, the district contains 107 properties.

The district is made up of seven different subdivisions. The first to be built, Edgemont, filled the blocks between Mandell and Dunlavy Streets. It is the largest subdivision in Boulevard Oaks, with 39 properties. West Edgemont was comprised of 16 lots along North and South Boulevards, starting at Dunlavy and extending toward Woodhead Street.

Continuing west was Ormond Place, a subdivision of 33 lots, which extends almost to Hazard Street. The remaining lots along North and South Boulevards are part of West Ormond Place (three lots), the Chevy Chase Plat (10 lots), and six lots from the Obedience Smith survey. The Smith lots were never formally platted.

Although these subdivisions developed independently, they all followed the pattern of development established by Edgemont. In addition, the later subdivisions continued the esplanades and landscaping found in Edgemont. This gives the entire district a unified identity.

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Boulevard Oaks