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Historic Preservation

In 1995, City Council adopted Chapter 33, Article VII. Historic Preservation to the Houston Code of Ordinances in effort to help preserve the significant reminders of our collective past as represented through the built environment. Through this ordinance, the Department of Planning and Development offers a process to maintain Houstonís architectural history. Landmark and Protected Landmark designations allow for recognition of individual historic structures, while Historic District designations encourage the protection of neighborhoods with distinct historic character.

Charged with administering the Historic Preservation Ordinance, the Houston Archeological and Historical Commission (HAHC) reviews and nominates all designations, as well as issues Certificates of Appropriateness (COA). A COA is required for all projects seeking to alter the exterior appearance of a city designated historic property. The Planning and Development Departmentís Historic Preservation Web Manual provides property owners and design professionals guidance in maintaining and modifying historic properties; a profile for each Historic District, as well as instructions on how to apply for COA.

Preserving our historic structures, neighborhoods and archeological sites allows us to retain a tangible connection to our past and inspire future progress. Protecting and promoting Houstonís valuable historic resources boosts civic pride, economic prosperity and gives residents and visitors a visual reminder of our shared heritage.

View the Houston Code of Ordinances Chapter 33 Ė Planning and Development, Article VII. Historic Preservation at Municode.

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The Planning and Development Historic Preservation staff is trained in navigating the requirements of the Historic Preservation code and assisting citizens in historic property designation and stewardship.



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