Houston’s General Plan is a compilation of plans, regulations, strategies, projections and resources that provide the direction and guidance for Houston’s growth and development.  The goal of the General Plan is to provide decision makers with the most up-to-date, useful information and tools to manage our growth. The General Plan provides a way to view and conduct planning efforts in a more cohesive, integrated manner.

Potential benefits of the General Plan are: 

  1. ensuring that all plans are created or updated based on shared data, assumptions and projections,

  2. building connections between plans where topics impact each other for better or for worse so that planning is not conducted in a vacuum,

  3. creating deeper understanding of how various ordinances can and should work together to promote broader goals, even when they individually address simple issues,

  4. aligning all plans, policies and ordinances to the vision, values and priorities of our citizens, and

  5. identifying gaps where additional plans may be required.


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