POLICE Department

Auto Dealers Detail - Motor Vehicle Dealer

Any person who, publicly engages in, conducts, or carries on the business of buying, selling, offering for sale to the public, consigning to be sold to the public, trading or otherwise dealing in motor vehicles or motor vehicle trailers, or both, with and to the public.

Fees: Initial application, Annual renewal • For fee schedules, go to www.houstoncityfees.org

  • Criminal background check - A criminal background check is conducted on new owners,  a sole proprietorship, or an authorized person if the applicant is a corporation or a general partnership.  The background check is conducted at aIdentoGOsite. Please refer to the  FastPass Form for instructions.  After completing the background check, call the Auto Dealers Detail at 832-394-4800 between 48 to 72 hours to ensure the criminal history has been obtained.
  • Application for Dealer License - Mail or present a fully completed application form.
  • Attach copy of Deed Restriction Compliance Affidavit
  • Attach copy of Certificate of Occupancy or Life Safety Inspection for your building
  • A state issued General Distinguishing Number (GDN)
  • If applicant is a corporation
    • Attach copy of Articles of Incorporation
    • Attach copy of letter of good standing from the Secretary of State
  •  Attach copy of Assumed Name Certificate if applicable.
  • Automotive Board review - The City of Houston Automotive Board reviews the application for each new business including consideration of the findings of a criminal background check.
  • Notice of an Automotive Board public hearing on the business application is published.
  • Approval or Denial is decided by the Board at the hearing