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Comida Food Drive

Comida Food Drive

Join the Houston Police Department in its 30th anniversary Comida/Food Drive and help feed less fortunate families during the holiday season.  Since December 1985, when several HPD officers responded to a call for service and saw a family in need, the Department has worked with its partners, Fiesta Mart and Pepsi Cola, to distribute food boxes to Houston’s under privileged families.

HPD’s Comida/Food Drive has grown significantly over three decades, and has become one of the largest food drives in Houston.  During that first year approximately 600 families received a box of non-perishable food to feed a family of four.  Last year, the drive provided 3,500 families with a box of food for the holidays.  This growth has been the result of generous donors, along with the effort and support of sponsors and volunteers who have contributed both time and money to guarantee the food drives’ success.

Major corporate sponsors of the Comida/Food Drive are Fiesta Mart. Inc. and the Pepsi Bottling Company.  The Houston Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association (HCPAAA) is also a valuable co-sponsor and provides necessary support at Fiesta Marts in the collection of food and money.  Local inner city churches identify families for food distribution, as well as help in the collection of food, money, packing and loading of boxes for distribution. 

For more information contact the Houston Police Department, Public Affairs at 713-308-3200 or visit www.houstonpolice.org