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Crime Statistics for 18F50's Beat

Beat 18f50
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Beat Description and Boundary:

The boundary begins at the intersection of South Gessner and Westheimer and goes east on Westheimer to Westerland. Westheimer is the responsiblity of 18G40. It turns south on Westerland to Valverde, east on Valverde to Rock Arbor Drive, south on Rock Arbor Drive to Kingsville, east on Kingsville to Jeanette, south on Jeanette to Clark Crest, east on Clark Crest to Fondren. The streets in the boundary from Westerland to Clark Crest are the responsibility of 18G50. The boundary continues south on Fondren to Richmond. Fondren is the responsibility of 18G40. It turns east on Richmond to Dunvale. Richmond is the responsibility of 18G50. The boundary turns south on Dunvale and goes to Windswept. Dunvale is the responsibility of 18G50. At the corner of Dunvale and Windswept, Windswept turns west, but a clearing is on the east between Dunvale and the Briarmeadow Park Subdivision. Windswept continues as the last street on the south in this subdivision. The beat boundary goes in a straight line from the south lot lines of Windswept at the corner of Windswept and Dunvale to the south lot lines of Windswept at the corner of the subdivision and then the boundary continues east along the south lot lines of Windswept to Hillcroft. Windswept is the responsibility of 18G30's beat. The boundary turns south on Hillcroft to the SPRR railroad tracks just south of Westpark. Hillcroft is in 18G30's beat. The boundary follows the railroad tracks to the Southwest Freeway (I-59.) The boundary turns sotuhwest on the Southwest Freeway and goes to Fondren. Fondren is the responsibility of 18G50's beat. It turns west on the SPRR railroad tracks and goes to South Gessner. The boundary turns north on South Gessner and goes to Westheimer. South Gessner is the responsibility of 18G50.

Landmarks and Neighborhoods Within This Beat:

Tanglewild, Sharpstown Mall, Regency Square

ZIP Codes Within This Beat (see note below on ZIP codes and beats):


Crime Statistics For This Beat:












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