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City Residents Express their Opinion Regarding the Houston Police Department:
The Houston Police Department continuously seeks feedback from the community, using this information as a way to improve services and its relationship with residents.  With this in mind, the Department often makes use of its established partnerships with institutions of higher education to determine different ways of obtaining and interpreting information from the public.  The data presented here is a result of a survey conducted by Sam Houston State University in January 2010 and compares results with a similar survey conducted in the summer of 2008.  While many of the specific topics remained the same from one survey to the next, an effort was made on the second wave to capture the ethnic/racial diversity of the city, as well as creating geographical quadrants that allow a more localized analysis of the data.  It is important to note that support for HPD remains high, and this information will be used to improve our efforts to serve Houstonians more effectively.
PDF2010 Survey Download (PDF) PDF2012 Survey Download (PDF)