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Family Violence - Houston Men Against Family Violence

Family violence continues to be a societal menace that permeates all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. As the fourth largest city in the nation, Houston is not immune to the occurrences of family violence or its negative consequences. In fact, more than 31 thousand cases of family violence were reported to the Houston Police Department alone in 2004. Thirty-four cases ended in death, ten of which were children. A very large part of our population is either directly affected by this crime or is aware of a family member or friend who endured it.

The Houston Men Against Family Violence Campaign, conceptualized by Chief Harold Hurtt as a response to this age-old problem, is a year-long effort to mitigate against the harm associated with family violence by bringing an awareness to all Houston citizens and by enforcement efforts targeting those who commit such acts. In adopting the slogan, Abusers are Losers, Chief Hurtt is joined by the likes of Mayor Bill White, Congressman Ted Poe, Councilman Adrian Garcia, Dr. Red Duke, Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, Judge Robert Eckels, and many other prominent men to take a stand against family violence. The goal is to change the social and cultural paradigm that allows some men to commit acts of violence against their families and intimate partners.

It is hoped the campaign will reach out to all of society to educate them in recognizing that we all have a part to play in this area. Like most crimes, the police will never be able to solve this issue without community help. Criminal issues with a strong social link require the help of everyone whether they are parents, pastors, teachers, employers, leaders, or other family members.

Please help us spread the word that family violence has no place in our society. Help us help others recognize that Abusers truly are Losers.

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