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Attorney credits HPD’s Tommy Carr for saving human trafficking victim
     CITYSAVVY 2016-Issue 2 - Extra Milers column

Casey Wallace, a local attorney, shared a detailed story with Mayor Turner about how Sergeant Tommy Carr, an officer in the Vice Division, rescued an 18-year-old girl from human trafficking.

The young woman from Rogers, AK was abducted while on spring break in South Padre Island. She was forced into prostitution and coerced to perform in topless dance clubs. Carr was able to rescue her by analyzing recent photos of the victim and working with the local dance clubs to liberate her from her captors. She was reunited with her family and completed her high school education.

“I can attest that a few years back, before the clubs and HPD began working together to fight this scourge of human trafficking, this would have never been possible, and (she) would never have been would sadly have been another lost face in the underworld of sex trafficking. You truly have a star amongst the reak of the police department, and a man who genuinely cares for the lives he has been charged with protecting,” Wallace wrote.

Very Appreciative
     Friday, March 3, 2017

A friend visiting from out of town was out on Washington St. and ended up walking to the wrong address because his maps app on his phone took him to West Detering instead of Detering. He was knocking on the door trying to wake me up (thinking he was at the correct house) and the actual occupant (who was a woman living alone) called the police not knowing who he was. Several officers came and initially said he would need to spend the night in jail but were willing to listen to his story and make a reasonable effort to find the correct address. They drove him to my address and rang the doorbell and explained the situation before releasing him. I am very appreciative of them taking this extra effort. I feel it would have been very easy to just take him to jail and make his first day in Houston an unpleasant one. Because these officers felt like this was the right thing to do, they ended up helping a visitor have a good experience in Houston, and also left a very positive impression on me as an observer, that spoke well of the Houston police department. I didn't catch the name of the officers, but I'm hoping that the date, time, and location can be used to help communicate this


Thank you
     Friday, February 24, 2017

The Department was well represented earlier this week by three officers responding to a BMV in a restaurant parking lot. Officers Hartnett, McLaughlin, and Krantz were courteous, professional, zealous in their pursuit of the offender, and--perhaps most notably--kind. On February 21, my ten-year-old daughter and I went to a "daddy date night" dinner on Kirby and Richmond Streets. I parked a few spots away from other cars because we had picked up a new SUV earlier that day from getting license plates and tinting. During the dinner, the officers made an announcement in the restaurant that someone had smashed our car window. The officers hurried me to the scene, where I discovered that a briefcase with an iPad in the backseat had been taken. The officers used by "find my iPhone" app to locate and return the property before we finished dessert. They then helped brush away broken glass, expedited a report, and followed up with the restaurant owner to advise them that parking cameras were poorly aimed. The officers balanced safety and obvious enthusiasm for tracking a known criminal with friendly and responsive community service and relations.


Thank you
     Saturday, February 18, 2017

To the Houston Police Officer that helped us on Saturday, February 18th at approximately 10:00pm kind of near the Aquarium when we took a wrong turn in a homeless area; I think we were by Chartres Street. We were two females traveling from the Temple/Belton area with two special needs children for a cheer competition at NRG Stadium. We wanted to say thank you for helping us when we were lost, and our GPS was not working. Thank you for helping us find our way and keeping us safe. We just cannot express our gratitude enough. We hope this thank you gets back to you. You are truly our hero; our knight in shining armor!!

DR :)

Thank you
     Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hello my name is NH and I drive an 18 wheeler and make trips to houston very regularly. I had a minor set back at a warehouse in the hobby airport district and officer Post, responded. She was very polite and very helpful to myself and my situation. Although I am not a citizen of Houston, the presence she made and information about the area was most helpful. I hope the citizens of Houston Texas are as pleased with there law enforcement officers as I am.


Thank you
     Monday, February 13, 2017

Officer Marc Delacerda went above and beyond to rid our community in the Heights of a group of drug dealers occupying a rental home. Our family was on the verge of relocating after witnessing 30+ drug deals daily in front of our home. Officer Delacerda and Officer Patel were able to disrupt the illegal operation and the drug ring fled our community towards the end of 2016. I would also like to thank anyone else that helped assist. I can't possibly thank you guys enough. You have made a huge difference in our lives and the Heights community. Please commend these officers for their honorable support and dedication.


Thank you
     Sunday, February 05, 2017 12:57 PM

This message serves a declaration of thanks to the Houston Police Department for their excellent service of keeping the peace during the Women's March on 1/21. Their diligence, kindness, and sense of controlled calm could be felt by all in attendance. The police were respectful which added to the atmosphere of calmness. Thank you for responding with such class. Your behavior affirmed the right of the citizens to peacefully assemble and protest without fear of being arrested for exercising that right. Your work did not go unnoticed. Thank you again for your service to the City of Houston. You are appreciated.


     Wednesday, February 01, 2017 9:41 AM

Monday night I was crossing Texas going to Minute Maid. After I got on the sidewalk my scooter's back wheel went off the pavement and it and I fell in the flower bed. Several officers came to my rescue, and after asking how I was, got the scooter off my leg, gathered up my purse and spilled possessions. Then they asked me the best way to help me up. I really appreciate the kind way they treated me and am indebted to them for their concern. Unfortunately I didn't get any names so I can't thank them personally.

SI, Kingwood

Thank you to some wonderful Police Officers and policing this weekend!
     Monday, January 30, 2017 8:00 PM

Just writing to say thank you for supporting our civil liberties this weekend, while maintaining public safety. Houston Police officers did an outstanding job. I was at IAH on Friday while others went to Discovery Green and airport on Saturday.) It isn’t easy to ‘support civil discourse’ and first amendment rights when you feel responsible for ‘controlling’ the situation. But as the protesters, myself included, try to stand up for their fellow man, you stood up for us! It was public space and we broke no laws but instead maintained a positive demonstration representing those in custody and those with less of a voice. As time goes on it will be important to remember to continue to honor equal 'liberty and justice for all' as our American values.

My sincere respect and gratitude. This is a police force we can trust and who is great part of our community and country.

Houston TX

Houston Women's March
     Wednesday, January 25, 2017 10:16 PM

I want to thank Chief Acevedo for attending the Houston Women's March last Saturday and offering brief remarks. His support of women and human rights is much appreciated.

I also commend all the HPD staff who worked the march. They were professional, helpful and friendly.


Commending the HPD presence at the Women's March-Houston
     Sunday, January 22, 2017 9:50 PM

I attended the Houston Women's March on Saturday, January 21st, and I just wanted to let the HPD know that I am so grateful for all of the officers who worked during the march. All of the officers that I saw that day were so calm, friendly, and courteous. I really appreciated how the HPD had shut roads down and were directing traffic to keep the marchers safe. Thank you for all of your service, HPD, and thank you for defending the people's right to peacefully demonstrate. I was so proud of my city yesterday, including HPD!

Sincerely, ES Houston resident

Commendation by Citizen for Officer M. McCracken and Officer C. R. Meade
     Monday, January 23, 2017 2:41 PM

On the above date I was involved in a two-car collision at this intersection. Both autos were heavily damaged. The two HPD officers who responded to the 911 call were Officer M. McCracken and Officer C.R. Meade, both of whom I believe patrol from the Midwest SubStation at 7277 Regency Square. I would like to sincerely thank Officers McCracken and Meade and commend them for the professional, courteous, and kind manner in which they performed their duties. Together and individually they were wonderful!! Officer Meade patiently explained Houston's tow procedures and answered numerous questions while Officer McCracken gathered the information we needed for our insurance companies. After Office Meade left, Officer McCracken, who is a dynamo and could probably organize anything, helped remove our belongings from our cars and then remained to make sure our family members arrived and that we were not left standing curbside with our belongings near a busy street. It has been 30 years since I was involved in a collision so this was a traumatic event for me but definitely made less so by the courtesies extended by these officers and their concern for our safety. My husband is most appreciative of this as well so I'm signing from both of us. We're wishing all of our Houston Police Officers well and safe every day.

LM and RM

Thank you, Houston Police and Chief Acevedo
     Sunday, January 22, 2017 9:29 AM

I was so proud of the Houston Police and the job they did on crowd control yesterday at the Women's March. Chief Acevedo was awesome, speaking to the crowd. I was a little fearful about the safety of the March, as I've never done anything like that before. But I felt protected and served. It was a step in the direction of turning "the" police force into "our" police force. We needed you and you were there, protecting our right to peaceably assemble and exercise free speech. Thank you. Good job.


Thank You
     Saturday, January 21, 2017 5:05 PM

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all the Houston Policemen and women who were out protecting us at the Women's March today. It was very well organized and I saw first hand so many of our men and women PD being so friendly and courteous with the crowd. Waving and smiling at us as we went by and being alert to the surroundings. I am very uncomfortable in large groups and your presence made me feel safe. So I thank you all from myself and my husband and I'm sure the many people who were in attendance. Be safe.


Commendation by Citizen for Officer Houston
     Tuesday, January 17, 2017 12:30 PM

In the grand scheme of things this is probably a small deal with it comes to what y'all deal with every day, but I'm still very thankful. I was running the Houston Marathon and dropped my ID somewhere along the course. I'm not exactly sure where. Anyway, Officer Houston picked up my id and went out of his way to contact me to let me know he had it and to get it back to me quickly. Considering this was my ID, and I use it very often, I was really impressed with his willingness to make sure it got back into the right hands. Thank you to ALL of the officers that were working the races on Sunday to keep us safe, and especially Officer Houston!


Commendation by Citizen for Officer King and Officer Deleon
     Monday, January 09, 2017 11:41 AM

Offlcers King and Deleon responded to a car burglary at my house for my girlfriend's car. Both officers were extremely nice and helped my girlfriend calm down. While Officer King took the report from my girlfriend, Officer Deleon did a perimeter walk around my property and was very knowledgeable in auto theft and the area. The officers gave us some pointers to prevent future burglaries and really were genuine about trying to assist. Because of these great officers, my shook-up girlfriend was able to sleep. I thoroughly appreciate the sacriflces and commitment they have made to the streets and especially for responding to a very basic call that could have be prevented. Thank you both and to all the other HPD officers!


Commendation by Citizen for Officer M. Lindquist
     Friday, January 06, 2017 8:09 AM

I was pulled over today for speeding on I-69 in a commercial vehicle. This officer made sure we were off the freeway in a safe location to do business. I appreciate him looking out not only for himself, but also for me. He was very polite and professional and as a professional Driver of 25 years I am happy to work with officers like him!!


Commendation by Citizen for Officer Jason Cisneroz
     Wednesday, November 16, 2016 9:33 AM

Our neighborhood has been dealing with 2 aggressive dogs that were not registered with the City of Houston and who were at large and killing cats in our neighborhood. Nine cats lost their lives to these dogs between July - Nov. this year. Although we had talked to the dogs' owners and filed many reports with Animal Control about these animals, the AC investigation was too slow to get results. Officer Cisneroz attend our Civic Club meeting on September 20th and learned of the problem we were having with the dogs in the neighborhood. He went out and talked to the owners the next day. The dogs continued to get out and roam the neighborhood, and they were also acting aggressively towards pedestrians walking on the street near the house where the animals lived. Officer Cisneroz continued to follow up on the reports as we forwarded them to him, and by November was able to catch the dogs outside of their yard at large in the neighborhood without tags, leashes or owner. He contacted BARC and got the animals picked up to the relief of the neighborhood. Thank you so much for his follow through and diligence to help our community solve this problem.


Commendation by Citizen for Officer N.C. Lumpkin
     Saturday, November 05, 2016 1:48 PM

I reported via the Houston Non-Emergency telephone number what seemed to be a homeless person sitting on the curb directly across the street from my home. This person was acting erradictally causing me concern for the person's well-being as well as a possible nusance to my neighborhood.Very shortly after I called, Officer N.C. Lumpkin arrived on the scene and began a discussion with the person. Officer Lumpkin demonstrated kindness and thoughtfulness in her dealings with this person, spending about an hour talkingin what appeared to be a very gentle, genuine way. This interaction between the officer and the person seemed to havea calming effect on the person. I spoke with Officer Lumpkin after the person left the scene and personally commendedher on a job well done. I think we (the public) should focus as much attention on the good work police officers do, aswell as not losing sight of any behavior that is deemed un-acceptable, and adjust our "judgement" scales accordingly.