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Update on Houston Men Against Family Violence Warrant Round-Up

August 24, 2005 -- The Houston Police Department, in cooperation with the Harris County Sheriff's Office and other partner agencies, is continuing to sweep the Houston area as part of an initiative that began on the morning of August 23rd to locate and arrest more than 300 suspects wanted for child abuse, family violence, and failure to register as sex offenders.

The initiative, part of the Houston Men Against Family Violence Campaign, will continue until an attempt is made to serve each and every outstanding warrant. The updated numbers are as follows: 99 total arrests, which include 36 felonies. Since the initiative began, HPD officers have attempted to serve 138 of the more than 300 warrants.

The most recent arrests include that of a 28-year-old male suspect, John Eaglin, (b/m, 3-6-77). Eaglin, in defiance of a protective order, surprised the victim and assaulted her in front of her daughter. The suspect carried a firearm and also terrorized the victim via phone by threatening to kill her numerous times. He surrendered to HPD SWAT officers. Also, an arrest was made of a suspect, Daniel Cisneros (H/m, 8-16-84), who seriously injured a woman by beating her with his fist, choking her with a belt, and tying up her legs after she refused to let him take her child.

Click here for more information on the warrant round-up.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.