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Mock Car Break-in Used to Warn Park Joggers

November 23, 2005 -- Houston police officers assigned to the Special Operations Division conducted a mock car break-in demonstration at 1300 Memorial Loop on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 12 noon, to demonstrate to park patrons how to keep their vehicles from being broken into while they are jogging or exercising in the park.

HPD Officer J.C. Roberts mentioned that many joggers are unaware that thieves are always watching and waiting for an opportunity to break into their car as soon as they are out of sight. "Too many joggers put their car keys in their gas caps or on their car tire while they run," said Officer Roberts. "This is a sure way to get your car stolen or your valuables taken which could lead to another situation, identity theft," added Roberts.

Being aware of your surroundings and keeping your personal items out of sight is the only way to keep your valuables such as cell phones, lap top computers and purses from being stolen. "Burglaries of motor vehicles in the park are preventable, if the jogger takes the time to put their personal items in the trunk of their cars or trucks. However, the best thing to do is not bring valuable items to the park in the first place."

During the mock break-in demonstration, it took an HPD undercover officer 15 seconds to smash the window of a car and steal the purse lying in the passenger seat. Some of the joggers in the park were given whistles to use if they encounter suspicious activity while they are doing their work out.

The photos below are from today's demonstration and showed how fast a break-in can happen. (Click on photo for full size image.)

AW/ RMM 11-23-05

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