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HPD Arrest Abusive Parents And Northeast Officers Pitch In To Help

July 5, 2006 -- Houston Police Department Juvenile Division investigators arrested the father and step-mother of a 12-year-old boy after it was discovered that the child suffered multiple bruises and fractures from years of neglect and abuse. Both
have been charged with injury to a child. Dwayne Anderson Sr. (bm/ DOB 8-4-68) is charged in the 351st State District Court and Roberta Randall Anderson (bf/ DOB 8-1-66) is charged in the 179th State District Court.

Relatives of the child discovered severe swelling and bruising on the 12-year-old around June 16, 2006. During the initial investigation, HPD Juvenile officers learned that the abuse occurred while the child was living with his father, step-mother and four sisters over a four-day period and had not received any medical attention for those injuries. An aunt and uncle took the child to a clinic on June 20 after they noticed that he was in tremendous pain and limping. The child was later transported to Texas Children's Hospital where he was immediately admitted after old and new injuries were found.

Doctors determined that the child had healing fractures to his left foot, sacral spine, lower lumbar (back), left hand, lower legs, old scars to the head, shoulder, elbow,legs and an open chin wound that was infected. HPD Officer Catherine Gardner-Sanders, who is handling the investigation, stated that in all her years of working HPD Juvenile child abuse cases she had never seen an abuse case this horrific.

All indications suggest the child was struck with a stick, PVC pipe, hammer and extension cord. The child's life was repeatedly threatened if he told anyone about his injuries. The sister of the victim was also abused but not to the extent he had suffered.

The aunt and uncle were given custody of the child and his 15-year-old sister after a thorough CPS investigation was conducted. However they live in a two-bedroom home with their own two children and need to convert their garage into a third bedroom to accommodate the children.

After learning about the family's situation, officers with the Northeast Patrol Division are voluntarily collecting money and supplies to assist the family in converting their garage into a bedroom for the two abused children.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division a 713-308-3200.