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March On Crime Week Two - Personal Safety

March 7, 2006 -- Week two of March On Crime highlights Personal Safety. Being aware of everything around you is the key to staying and feeling safe. That means being aware of the people and taking notice of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood or place of business. The following are some basic tips that will help reduce your chance of being a victim of crime.

At Home:
Make sure that all doors and windows are locked when you are at home. Use a peephole with a 190-degree viewing angle. Use your caller ID to verify who a caller is. Never give out personal information to anyone over the phone unless you know who he or she is. Use exterior lighting and keep hedges around your home trimmed. Join a neighborhood watch group.

Street Wise:
Walk with an attitude and with confidence. Avoid walking alone and try not to carry a purse, instead use a fanny pack. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash. Avoid street solicitors and never take shortcuts through parking lots, alleys or wooded areas. Stay alert.

Vehicle Safety:
Park in a well-lighted area. Check under vehicle as you approach it. Have car keys ready. Look in front and back seats before entering. Always lock doors. If your vehicle breaks down or runs out of gas, do not accept a ride from anyone you don't know. If you think someone is following you, don't go home. Give yourself at least one to one and a half car lengths from the vehicle in front of you when you come to a stop at an intersection.

Public Elevators:
Familiarize yourself with elevators and floors. Look inside before entering. Do not enter an elevator if there is a person in it that makes you feel uncomfortable. Stand near the controls. Get off if someone suspicious enters. If you are attacked, push the alarm.

Office safety:
Do not leave personal property on or under your desk. Never give telephone numbers or addresses of fellow employees to anyone without permission. Use discretion in revealing personal plans. Remember to be aware.

March On Crime Week Two Schedule for Patrol Divisions

AW/ RMM 3-6-06 moc

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.