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Exemplary Police Work Nets Dozens of Arrests Citywide

April 5, 2007 -- The Houston Police Department continues to arrest dangerous criminals through crime initiatives and investigations that have uncovered numerous crimes.

A crime reduction initiative occurred on Friday (March 30) involving officers from various divisions within the HPD, including Auto Theft, Northeast Patrol, SWAT, Burglary and Theft and Vice. Officers intensified patrols of areas within Districts 7 and 9 which resulted in 28 total arrests for various felony and misdemeanor crimes and municipal warrants. A total of 79 arrests were made, which included municipal warrants and citations for moving violations. Officers confiscated and removed various types and amounts of narcotics as well as a firearm from the streets of Houston.

Officers arrested three suspects, one adult and two juveniles, believed to be responsible for as many as 25 to 30 burglaries in the area. Further investigation will determine what charges will be filed against the suspects.

A new Truancy Program was implemented in late March that helped reduce the number of burglaries in the Westbury area. In the week prior to the start of the program (March 19-26), there were four burglaries in the area and since the start of the truancy initiative, no burglaries were reported. With the assistance of HISD, officers cited 119 students for curfew or truancy violations and returned them to school during the first week of the program. Officers also made five other arrests for various misdemeanors and one felony. The program will continue through the end of the school year.

On March 28th, Central Patrol Division officers responding to a home invasion call on West Alabama arrived within minutes and discovered a large quantity of narcotics and cash inside the residence. Three males were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and officers uncovered evidence, after obtaining a warrant, of possible financial crimes, including identity theft. Officers with HPD’s Financial Crimes Unit and the Auto Theft Division responded to the scene and searched the apartment. Investigators seized numerous drivers licenses, identification cards, and other forms of identification as well as machines and tools used to counterfeit illegal documents. The information obtained from the West Alabama bust led officers to execute a search warrant at an Avondale address on March 30, 2007, which resulted in the arrest of one man for possession of a controlled substance. Also seized were numerous computers and more tools and machines used to counterfeit illegal documents. HPD has identified approximately 100 identity theft victims of this criminal enterprise from all over the United States. The investigation continues.

GO/NJM/DWR 4-5-07

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.