National Night Out 2007 Focuses on Using Crime Prevention Strategies Year Round

August 1 , 2007 - There has never been a better time than now for neighbors to unite and participate in the upcoming Houston/Harris County 2007 National Night Out effort being held on Tuesday, August 7, 2007.

The National Night Out concept of neighbors getting to know their neighbors is not just a one-night affair. Many neighborhoods are actively involved in crime reduction programs all year long and National Night Out gives them the opportunity to show off their success and recruit more crime fighting eyes and ears to identify potential problems.

Increased fear of crime, and juvenile violence are just some of the reasons why residents need to coordinate National Night Out efforts in their neighborhoods and learn strategies on ways to work with their local police officers in creating a safer environment in their communities. Some communities are taking their crime prevention measures one step further and are beginning to use the Internet to communicate with each other about the types of crimes occurring in their respective neighborhoods. Sharing this type of information makes the community prepared to take the proper steps toward preventing crime in their area. This is one of many innovative ways residents are taking back their communities and kicking crime out. It has become quite clear that everyone needs to remain watchful for possible criminal activity, especially in our neighborhoods.

Getting to know your neighbors is one of the most important lines of defense in keeping crime at bay and the best way to do that is by participating in National Night Out 2007. This crime prevention program has been in Houston/Harris County for 24 years and is one of the many programs that targets crime in communities and teaches residents how to reduce burglaries and thefts in their neighborhoods.

Getting involved in your community’s crime reduction efforts is a good idea and it’s easy to do. Simply get to know who your neighbors are, discuss ways to keep your home from being burglarized and report any suspicious activity, vehicle or person to the police, constable or sheriff’s department.

Media outlets interested in presentations/interviews can contact Officer Jesse Martinez from the Public Affairs Division at (713) 308-3200.

JGA/MES 8-1-07

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.