Signal Fades For Serial Burglar

November 9, 2007 - Investigators with HPD’s Burglary and Theft Division have arrested and charged a suspect responsible for numerous burglaries of businesses in the westside area of Houston. The burglaries all took place in a two and a half-week period during the month of October.

The suspect, Santos Feliciano (H/m, DOB: 7/16/71), is charged with burglary of a building in the 184th State District Court following his arrest on Monday (Nov. 5). Feliciano is responsible for at least nine burglaries, primarily at cell phone communication businesses. A photo of Feliciano is attached to this release.

On November 2, investigators with the HPD’s Burglary and Theft Division and Westside Patrol Division’s Crime Analysis and Divisional Gang Unit noticed a crime trend involving the burglary of Cricket Cellphone stores in the westside area of Houston. During the investigation, a crime stoppers tip was received providing Feliciano’s name as the suspect responsible for the burglaries.

Officers obtained an HPD booking photo of Feliciano from a prior arrest and compared it to surveillance video and photos taken from one of the burglaries at 5959 Hillcroft, and a positive identification was made. Officers obtained a warrant for Feliciano’s arrest and on November 5, officers with the Westide Patrol Divisional Gang Unit located Feliciano at a Pasadena area motel and arrested him.

During his interview, Feliciano admitted to being involved in the following burglaries:

10/13/07- 6400 Westpark #420, Previo Unwired- 151547507
10/17/07- 5959 Hillcroft, Cricket CellPhones- 152504607
10/18/07- 2513 S. Gessner, Cellular Tex- 153021907
10/21/07- 6400 Westpark #420, Previo Unwired- 154715507
10/22/07- 5711 Hillcroft, Underground Communications- 155802107
10/25/07- 7505 Southwest Freeway, T-Mobile- 156783007
10/28/07- 5959 Hillcroft, Cricket CellPhones- 158486407
10/30/07- 5959 Hillcroft, Cricket CellPhones- 159442407
11/01/07- 2920 Hillcroft, Antonio’s Flying Pizza- 160498107

The thefts from the burglaries totaled more than $130,000.00 worth of property and cash and the damages totaled about $4,200.00.

GO/MES 11-9-07

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.