Crime Reduction Initiative Shows Positive Results

November 9, 2007 - The Houston Police Department’s Central Patrol Division, Narcotics Division, Tactical Teams, Neighborhood Protection, in collaboration with Heights community leaders and City leaders, netted numerous arrests after a successful first month of the Central Crime Initiative

The primary goal of this program, which runs through December of 2007, is to reduce the number of property crimes (burglaries, burglary of motor vehicles, and thefts) in the 4th Ward (1A20 Beat) and Heights (2A30 Beat) areas through saturation patrols in areas within these beats.

Montrose/Hyde Park (1A20 Beat)

The lower Montrose/Hyde Park area (1A20’s Beat) and the surrounding vicinity is one of the fastest growing redevelopment areas in the city. Citizens and politicians continuously initiate requests for action regarding street level (open-air) illegal activity in the area.

Officers conducted directed patrols and focused on aggressive city ordinance and traffic enforcement. Through these initiatives, officers netted 176 arrests (81 for narcotics offenses) and effectively curtailed the criminal element from coming back into the area and re-establishing their foothold.

Furthermore, throughout the initiative period, “warrant round-ups” will be conducted in both 1A20’s and 2A30’s Beats in order to reduce the number of known criminals in the area.

In addition to the above Crime Reduction/Suppression strategies, the Central Division will target high theft, burglary of motor vehicles, burglary, and garage burglary areas and conduct Crime Prevention programs such as the Home Burglary Prevention (B&T Report Card) Program.

For more information on this initiative, contact Lt. W. Zeller of the Central Patrol Division at 713-247-4400.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.