Downtown Burglar Arrested and Truant Juveniles Cited


Officers with the Special Operations Division were alerted to a rash of burglaries of motor vehicles (BMVs) occurring at the China Garden Restaurant located in the 1600 block of Leeland in the downtown area. The owner of the restaurant received information from patrons about the burglaries and soon thereafter, set up a surveillance camera system to monitor the location. Surveillance captured a possible suspect and a suspect’s vehicle, which was shared with officers who conducted an investigation in the area. On August 28, 2007, officers observed the suspect drive into the parking lot and break into a vehicle, before he was arrested. He was later positively identified as the suspect responsible for the previous burglaries.

The suspect, Jarvis Tremane Bundage (b/m, DOB: 1-26-85) is charged with burglary of a vehicle and criminal mischief in Harris County Criminal Court #2. Bundage is believed responsible for at least seven burglaries to motor vehicles in the area over a month and a half-long period.


The Southwest Patrol Division’s Truancy Detail Unit began concentrating enforcement efforts in areas near and around schools at the beginning of the school year. Officers will detain and interview anyone who appears to be of school age that is not in school. If it’s determined the juveniles are truant from school, officers will write a citation and return the student to school.

During last year’s school truancy program, a total of 524 curfew/truant citations were issued. In addition, 42 Class A/B misdemeanor and 8 felony arrests were made. In the Westbury neighborhood, where officers were concentrating their efforts, Part I crimes were reduced 15.8% compared to the 75 days prior to the start of the program (the program began in March until the end of the school year for 75 days).

The Truancy Detail Unit will continue to concentrate its efforts on juvenile truancy this year, thus getting kids back into school. HPD’s goal is to proactively attempt to reduce burglaries, criminal mischiefs or other crimes that occur in areas near school campuses. The return of these truant juveniles to school with citations acts as a deterrent to other students who want to leave school during daytime curfew hours.

JGA/GO/NJM/VHS 9-12-07

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.