HPD to be on Lookout For Super Bowl Partygoers Who Drink And Drive

February 5, 2010 - Officers assigned to the Houston Police Department DWI Task Force urge those attending various Super Bowl Sunday parties at residences and businesses that sell alcohol to not drink and drive.

Taking a chance could land you in jail or result in someone’s injury or death.

The DWI Task Force and other officers will be paying particular attention on roadways for weaving or speeding vehicles during and following Sunday’s game. Officers want to make sure drunk drivers are aware of the consequences before they decide to get behind the wheel.

So, whether you are driving to a location across the city or relatively close to your residence, do the right thing and ask someone who has not been drinking to drive, or call a cab.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.

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