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Houston Police Department

HPD Officers Share Travel Safety Tips with Residents

March 23, 2011 - At a recent meeting with Clear Lake residents, Houston police officers from the Clear Lake Patrol and Airport Divisions presented a number of travel safety tips for citizens.

Senior Police Officer C. P. Garmond explained some of the reasoning behind security procedures at Houston’s airports and Senior Police Officer F. Bellmarez demonstrated how his explosive sniffing dog, Nnevins, keeps travelers safe.

“We’re constantly getting new threat information,” Officer Garmond said.  “As a result, we’re always making modifications to security because we always have to be on the cutting edge,” he added.

“At the end of the day, those who would do harm only have to be right once.  We have to be right every single time,” Officer Garmond said.

Traveling safety begins before you leave your home, Officer Garmond explained.  He offered some actions citizens can take to make their homes less of a target for any would-be burglars.  Those tips include:

1)      Let a neighbor you trust know you are going out of town.  That person can then keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

2)      Put your lights on a timer.

3)      Turn a radio on and tune it to a talk show.  Thieves will hear the voices and be more likely to think someone is home.

4)      Stop your mail

5)      Contact your local patrol station and fill out a Hotsheet.  This will let officers know to check on your house periodically.

Officer Garmond had some advice for when you arrive at the airport:

1)      Arrive at least one hour before your flight departs.

2)      Make certain all medications are in their individual prescription containers.

3)      Do not carry on liquids more than three ounces.

4)      If you are subject to a pat down by TSA agents, you have the right to request a private screening.

5)      If you do walk through a body scanner, know that only one person in a monitoring room sees that image.  If something suspicious is observed, that monitor will notify the TSA agent present.

“The key thing to remember is this is for everyone’s safety,” said Officer Garmond.  “Vacations are meant to be enjoyed, but you need to put safety into the equation,” he added.

The presentation was part of the Houston Police Department’s March on Crime campaign.  Working together, Houston police officers and the public can help “Keep Houston Safe.”

For more safety information, visit the HPD website at and click on the “Keep Houston Safe” logo.

HPD Senior Police Officer F. Belmarez demonstrates the skills of his K-9 partnerNnevins, while HPD Senior Police Officer C.P. Garmond offers travel safety tips

KJS/JFC  3-23-11

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.