Houston Police Department
Second Suspect Arrested, Charged in 1980 Fatal Stabbing

November 3, 2011 - A second suspect wanted and charged in a July 12, 1980, fatal stabbing of a man at 2900 Luell has been arrested.

Avacu Arroyo (H/m, DOB: 5/14/51) is charged with murder in the 185th State District Court.  He was arrested on October 25 in Chicago, Illinois, and has been extradited to Houston.  His brother, Epifanio Jaime Arroyo (H/m, DOB: 4-25-56), was arrested on October 19 in Georgia and is also charged with murder in the 185th State District Court.   The victim, Miguel Angel Frias, 31, suffered stab wounds to the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

HPD Homicide Division Senior Police Officer M. Kral reported:

Officers responded to a report of a stabbing in the parking lot outside the "La Chancla Club" at 2900 Luell.  Further investigation determined the Arroyo brothers and Mr. Frias were involved in a dispute inside the club.  Avacu and Epifanio Arroyo fled the scene and were charged the following month with murder.

Avacu Arroyo, along with his brother, used multiple names and changed their identities throughout the past 31 years in an attempt to evade arrest.  Avacu Arroyo was arrested without incident at his place of work.

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