Houston Police Department
HPD Participates in Police Station Visitors Week

November 5, 2013 - The Houston Police Department this week is participating in Police Station Visitors Week, an international event aimed at inviting members of the community to visit and assess the quality of services provided at police stations around the globe.

Through Saturday, November 9, citizens can visit the four HPD stations taking part in Visitors Week:  the South Gessner Patrol Station at 8605 West Place Drive, the Northeast Patrol Station at 8301 Ley Road, the South Central Patrol Station at 2202 St. Emmanuel and the Midwest Patrol Station at 7277 Regency Square Boulevard.

The aims of Police Station Visitors Week are to strengthen police and community relations, assess the quality of services delivered by HPD and other police agencies and to identify and share best practices used by law enforcement.

At HPD's four participating stations, residents are invited to visit and fill out a simple questionnaire that focuses on providing input on customer service and information available at the police station, HPD's treatment of the public at the station, its transparency and accountability to the public, and the physical condition of the police station and detention holding areas.

Other U.S. police departments taking part in Police Station Visitors Week are in Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office.

   JFC/VHS   11-5-13 

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.