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Suspect Arrested, Charged in Assault at 12261 Fondren Road

November 17, 2021 - Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in the stabbing of a man that occurred at 12261 Fondren Road about 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday (Nov. 16).

Imari Row (b/f, 22) is charged with aggravated assault on a family member in the 174th State District Court.  A photo of Row is attached to this news release.

Row is accused of stabbing Kendall Ballard, 34, who was transported to an area hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

HPD Major Assaults & Family Violence Division Detective K. Kelly reported:

Row and Mr. Ballard are cousins who reside in the same apartment at the above address.  They began arguing and Row grabbed a knife and told Ballard to leave.  Ballard then threw an object at Row, striking her in the head.  Row then stabbed Ballard multiple times in the back.  Houston Fire Department paramedics transported Ballard to the hospital.  

Row was taken into custody and subsequently charged for her role in the incident.   

Imari Row
Imari Row

JKS/VHS 11-17-21
Inc. #154437521


For additional information, please contact the HPD Office of Community Affairs at 713-308-3200.