POLICE Department

Officers in Action

HPD Helicopter Unit (80 Fox) Officers Silman and Chapnick

HPD Helicopter Unit (80 Fox) Officers Silman and Chapnick, were recently dispatched to a burglary in progress call where suspects may be hiding on the roof of a building. As the helicopter unit arrived, Officer Chapnick, wearing night vision goggles, was able to spot four suspected burglars on the roof.

The helicopter ...unit directed patrol officers on the ground to an effective containment perimeter. Two of the suspects made a run for it and jumped off the roof attempting to run away on foot. 80 Fox quickly directed the patrol officers to these two suspects and they were captured without incident. The remaining two suspects realizing that they were surrounded made a last ditch effort to escape and also jumped off the roof and managed to hide in some nearby bushes.

Using the on board FLIR (thermal imaging) system, Officer Chapnick quickly spotted the suspects. He guided the K-9 Officer and his partner towards the hiding suspects who quickly gave up upon seeing our furry friend approaching. The two remaining suspects were also taken into custody without incident.