POLICE Department

Officers in Action

Officer N. Arellano

While Officer N. Arellano was responding to a Hold-Up Alarm at the Church’s Chicken located on Irvington, the dispatcher updated the call to include information that an off-duty Harris County Deputy was following the robbery suspects and had seen them go into a house. Officer Arellano went to the house.

Officer Arella...no immediately began to coordinate a perimeter around the house with the help of additional officers and a K-9 unit. Sergeant C. Mayo gave verbal commands over his PA system convincing the suspects to exit the house. The suspects complied. The officers immediately took custody of the two suspects and placed them under arrest. The officers then obtained consent from the suspects to enter the house to look for any weapons or additional suspects. Once they entered the house, officers found the weapons used in the robbery as well as the stolen money and other items used to commit the robbery.

The officers used their tactical training in helping to remove the suspects from the residence without any additional injuries or complications. These officers worked together as a team to help turn a potentially dangerous situation into a positive and well executed arrest.