POLICE Department

Special Operations - Division Tactical Unit

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The Division Tactical Unit (DTU) consists of one sergeant and eight officers, who work in collaboration with the division’s surveillance officer.  The unit has both uniform and plain clothes officers.  Their primary function is the prevention and suppression of criminal activity through the use of proactive, reactive, and analytical techniques.  The unit identifies crime trends and implements action plans to reduce criminal activity.  The unit conducts stings, surveillance, patrol, and proactive enforcement.  The DTU usually focuses on auto thefts and burglary of motor vehicles in the downtown area since these type crimes occur daily due to the high volume of pared cars during the weekdays and during special events such as baseball games, basketball games and concerts.

The unit also targets known homeless criminals who operate in and around the Central Business District.  These criminals aggressively panhandle, impersonate parking lot attendants, burglarize vehicles and buildings, and commit crime against each other like assault and sexual assault