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Special Operations - Mobility Unit

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The Houston Police Department has an accident division that maintains mobility within the city. They handle major accidents and various traffic enforcement issues throughout the city. The Special Operations has a Mobility Unit that handles the same issues, but in the downtown area.

The Mobility Unit conducts routine inspections of downtown construction sites, traffic control plans for the area, and enforcement to assure the flow of traffic. They also do a daily check of lane closures in the down town area. The Mobility Unit monitors the downtown area for traffic signal malfunctions, unexpected traffic hazards such as large potholes, debris, and stalled vehicles. The unit enforces the Downtown Truck Ordinance as well. Basically, this unit is dedicated to making sure that you are able to move around the downtown area in the fastest and most efficient way.

The Mobility Unit also conducts inspections and enforcement on the downtown sidewalk café’s, and patrols sidewalks to ensure pedestrian traffic flow. They tow illegally parked vehicles in tow away zones that impede mobility.

The unit maintains a database of traffic control personnel permits and plans for the downtown area as well as other areas in the city.

Should you have a question about mobility within the downtown area please call the Special Operations Division at 832-394-0000 and ask for the MOBILITY UNIT.