POLICE Department

Vice Division

The Vice Division enforces gambling, prostitution, and pornography-related state laws and city ordinances. The division is also responsible for enforcing regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission Code and the investigation and assignment of Sexually Oriented Business Permits and Dance Hall Permits as prescribed by city ordinance.

Administrative Squad
This squad conducts vice-related computer investigations and is responsible for day-to-day administrative duties and investigative hold authorizations.

General Vice Squad
These units are assigned to the night shift and are responsible for vice-related crimes that occur at night, with an emphasis on liquor licensed establishments. They are also responsible for conducting reverse prostitution stings with the appropriate Division Tactical Unit.

Organized Gambling Squad
This unit investigates illegal gambling with an emphasis on bookmakers in sporting events on a year-round basis. It also investigates the use of video poker machines in local bars and areas of entertainment. Investigation of illegal card games and carnivals are also the responsibility of this unit.

Organized Prostitution Squad
This unit investigates escort services, massage parlors, modeling studios, and topless clubs that are suspected of fronting prostitution. They are also responsible for conducting street prostitution stings in conjunction with the appropriate Division Tactical Unit.

Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance Squad
This unit investigates all forms of pornography in the city. They are also responsible for enforcing and investigating the city's Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance (SOB.)This ordinance controls the placement of various businesses in the city that require SOB permits.