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Dear Houstonians,

Hurricane Harvey inundated America’s 4th largest city with over 50 inches of rain and impacted more than 300,000 housing units in Houston alone. More homes flooded in Houston during Hurricane Harvey than in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina or New York City during Hurricane Sandy. This is the third year in a row that Houston has experienced severe flooding resulting in a Presidentially declared disaster.

By itself, Harvey represents the largest housing disaster in American history, and we cannot effectively recover without federal support. This website outlines our requests of the federal government for members of the Administration, Congress and their staff, the media and the public.

Houston has come to the aid of other Gulf Coast communities in their time of need and represents an essential hub for American energy, medical treatment, shipping, aerospace, and trade. Working with our Congressional delegation, we need the federal government to come to our aide to help build a more resilient city that has learned the lessons of Harvey. Without flood mitigation, rebuilding dollars are just funding for future failure.

I invite you to read through this site and contact my Office of Government Relations with any questions.


Sylvester Turner

Our Requests

CDBG Funds

Governor Abbott and the Rebuild Texas Commission requested $9 billion in Community Development Block Grant funding to repair homes in the City of Houston alone. While many Texans will benefit from the $5 billion that has been allocated for recovery thus far, Governor Abbott and the Rebuild Texas Commission requested $15.33 billion in CDBG-DR funds, and that request and the resulting shortfall of $10.306 billion should be fully funded in this bill. Read More »

Flood Mitigation Projects

Funding is also required for advance planning, design, and construction of a third reservoir, six bayou projects, and the Coastal Spine, each of which is included in Governor Abbott and the Rebuild Texas Commission’s request and in various stages of authorization by the Corps of Engineers. Read More »

Community Disaster Loans

Community Disaster Loans are designed to replace lost revenue, cover unreimbursed disaster-related expenses, and enable local governments to continue providing essential services including police and fire protection, trash removal, street and sewer repairs, and building permits and inspections. With a $5 million cap, however, the loans will do little for the millions and millions of dollars in unbudgeted expenses incurred by the City of Houston due to Harvey. The federal government should lift the cap and open access to Texas cities. Read More »

Environmental & Historic Reviews

With limited CDBG dollars and tremendous housing, infrastructure, and economic needs, federal assistance must be used wisely to help as many families as possible. Congress can support this objective by providing clear authority to exempt single-family homes outside the floodplain from site-specific environmental and historic reviews. Disaster survivors reliant on limited federal aid cannot afford such a massive and unnecessary diversion of federal resources to evaluate the environmental impact of structures that already exist. Read More »

Quick Facts

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U.S. shatters record for disaster costs in 2017

2017 was the costliest year ever for weather and climate disasters in the United States, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration announced Monday, totaling $306 billion. The previous record year, 2005, saw $215 billion in disasters.

CNN • 1/8/18

Disaster aid becomes hostage to funding fight

A massive disaster aid package is getting caught up in a broader political fight on Capitol Hill over spending, immigration and other contentious issues. The stalled relief money may wind up in the next round of government funding, as the issue is quickly being overtaken by a race to prevent a shutdown and automatic across-the-board spending cuts.

The Hill • 1/7/18

A massive seawall for Southeast Texas could save money. But so far, there's none to spend

If the Houston-Galveston region continues to boom for the next 60 years and sea level rises as scientists predict, a direct hit to Galveston from a massive hurricane could destroy an estimated $31.8 billion worth of homes, a new study says.

Houston Chronicle • 1/5/18

Post-Harvey Mental Health Support Sees Continued Demand, New Concerns

When Tropical Storm Harvey flooded Houston, it was easy to see the effects. First, all the homes damaged or destroyed, and later on financial spreadsheets when the billions in losses that were tallied. However, many Houstonians are dealing with a less obvious effect from the storm on their lives — psychological trauma.

Houston Public Media • 1/3/18

Supporting Documents

picture_as_pdfMayor Turner to Governor on Kingwood12/14/17 picture_as_pdfEFF & KFF Harvey Survey12/01/17 picture_as_pdfMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Governor Abbott12/17/17 picture_as_pdfMarvin Odom Letter to Alex Amparo11/30/17 picture_as_pdfMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Administrator Brock Long and Secretary Ben Carson11/28/17 picture_as_pdfKinder Institute: Harvey Relief and Recovery Funding Primer11/27/17 descriptionCity of Houston Priorities for Federal Harvey Disaster Funding11/15/17 picture_as_pdfMemo: Hurricane Harvey Impact on Housing Units11/09/17 descriptionRebuild Texas Request for Federal Assistance10/31/17 descriptionBreakdown of Federal Funds Appropriated10/30/17 picture_as_pdfCDBG DR2015 Project Status Update10/24/17 descriptionMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Appropriations Committee Requesting Rainy Day Funds10/02/17 descriptionSolid Waste Disposal Fees Account No. 5000 Facts09/28/17 descriptionState Cost Sharing Comparison09/26/17 picture_as_pdfMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Governor Abbott Requesting Rainy Day Funds09/25/17 picture_as_pdfCornyn Delegation Letter to Secretary Carson Requesting Allocation of CDBG-DR Funds09/21/17 descriptionMayor Sylvester Turner Letter Naming Marvin Odum Chief Recovery Officer09/15/17 picture_as_pdfHCDD Disaster Recovery Federal/State Fund Allocation Overview09/13/17 picture_as_pdfMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Governor Abbott Seeking CDBG-DR Funds09/06/17 picture_as_pdfMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Governor Abbott Detailing Harvey Relief Priorities and Requests09/04/17 picture_as_pdfMayor Sylvester Turner Letter to Administrator Long Requesting FEMA Assistance09/01/17