The City of Houston, in response to concerns voiced about the SAFEClear program, has made the following changes to the program:

Note: Due to budgetary constraints, the City of Houston has made the following changes to the SAFEClear program:

  • SAFEClear tows previously funded by the City and free to the public will now be charged to the vehicle owner directly at a rate of $50.00 for a tow and $30.00 for On-freeway Roadside Services.

  • For vehicle owners who are unable to pay the charge at the point of service, vehicles will be towed and placed in a city approved storage facility for up to 48 hours at no charge to the owner. Storage fees will be applied after the first 48 hours in addition to the $50 towing charge.

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SAFEClear LogoCitizens who have questions or complaints about the City’s SAFEClear program can contact The Auto Dealers Detail of the Houston Police Department at 832.394.4869.


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