Earth Day Lunch and Learn

Tuesday , April 26th

Join us for an engaging and informative conversation presented by the Solid Waste Management Department. This virtual event will allow you to ask questions of two of the city’s recycling experts.

Getting Started

Download the Microsoft TEAMs program application for free at Please note that your computer requires speakers and a microphone in order to use Microsoft Teams. A free smartphone version of this app is also available from the Apple Store or Google Play.

HAVE A QUESTION? You can e-mail your question to us before the Earth Day Lunch and Learn event. Tune in and watch your question answered live in our Virtual Luncheon. E-mail us at with the subject line 'Lunch and Learn'.


RECYCLING CHALLENGE - This year we are happy to announce our two special guest contestants Council Member Robert Gallegos and Council Member Tiffany Thomas. Their skills will be put to the test as they answer questions about the City of Houston recycling program.

Basic Virtual Meeting Instructions

  • Join the meeting via the link or by phone.
  • After joining, stay muted to minimize background disruptions.
  • If you are recognized by the Moderator to speak, unmute yourself and consider turning on the app’s video during your speaking time.
  • State your name, spell your last name, and make your comments in the specified time allowed. Say what you are commenting on, and if you are in support, against, or undecided, and conclude when prompted.
  • To mute or unmute yourself on the phone, press *6. On the computer, use the microphone icon.
  • Please turn off your video after speaking. Remember, your image and background are made public.

Concluding the Virtual Meeting

Please hang up or disconnect to leave the meeting.