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Super Neighborhood 29 - Westwood

Recognized 09.09.2008


The Westwood Super Neighborhood is composed of the area in southwest Houston along US 59 and Beltway 8. It is flanked on the north by the Sharpstown area; on the south by the Greater Fondren Southwest area; and on the west by the Alief area (Beltway 8).

The Westwood Super Neighborhood is a diverse group of Houstonians living in an area of mostly apartments and condominiums.

Brief History

Developed during the 1970s and early 1980s, the Westwood area consists of a number of high-density residential developments and one predominantly traditional single family development.

After the recession in the mid-1980s, the area experienced a decline. The notable commercial enterprise, the Westwood Mall failed as a shopping center (however Sears continued to maintain their building) and it was eventually was converted into a business center. Crime levels increased in the area.

Today the area is gaining momentum and community efforts are tackling many of the issues. The Westwood area is fortunate to have the West Houston Weed & Seed program incorporated in the area to help weed the bad elements of the area and plant the seed to enhance the quality of life for the greater Westwood community.

Currently, the Westwood area is flanked by known automobile dealerships along the Southwest Freeway and Beltway; most of the area lies with the Greater Sharpstown Management District, and the area has a HPD storefront situated within the Westwood technology Center (formerly the Westwood Mall). The area is served by the Alief Independent School District.

The Westwood area has the support of its two council members (District C and District F).

Community Features

Bissonnet Street. passes through the center of the Westwood Super Neighborhood. This major thoroughfare is the commercial spine of the community.

The one school in the area, the Betty Best Elementary School, is served by the Alief Independent School District.

Most of the business community is served by the Greater Sharpstown Management District.

Civic Associations in the Area

  • Westwood South Patio Homes HOA
  • Winfield II HOA
  • The Vineyards Condominium HOA
  • Sugar Branch Condominium HOA
  • Ashwood Condominium HOA
  • Forum Park 1 & 2 Condominium HOA
  • Forum Park Townhomes HOA
  • Bayou West Condominium
  • The Creek Condominium
  • Pradera Condominium
  • Westwood Gardens Condominium

Meeting Times and Locations

The Westwood Super Neighborhood Council meets the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month at Westwood HPD storefront

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