Super Neighborhoods

Super Neighborhood 6 - Acres Home

Recognized 05.11.2000


The community is located in the northwest part of Houston and is accessible via seven major thoroughfares, T.C. Jester, West Little, West Gulf Bank, Pinemont, Victory, Ella/Wheatley, and Shepherd. It is loosely bounded by the Houston City limits and West Gulf Bank to the north; Pinemont to the south, North Shepherd and Veterans Memorial to the east, and Greater Inwood.

Brief History

Acres Home was developed around the time of World War l when it was settled by African Americans mainly from rural areas. During this time, a few landowners sold home sites by acres, hence the original name Acreage Home. The area was attractive to African Americans because of inexpensive land prices, low taxes, and an agrarian lifestyle. Residential development occurred slowly until the late 1930s when W.W. Mount and the Wright land Company began building in the area. The community is predominately African American (86%).

The community has a mixture of land uses, with single-family residential as the majority (54%), followed by undeveloped land. Multi-family residential, parks, office and transportation uses occupy the less than one percent of the uses.

Community Organizations

  • Acres Home Community Development Corporation (AHCDC), non-profit organization that serves as the facilitator of residential and commercial real estate development in the area
  • Acres Home Super Neighborhood Council (AHSNC)
  • Acres Home Citizens Council (AHCC), an umbrella organization involving the more than two dozens civic clubs in the community
  • Sisterhood of Faith in Action, Inc., (SFA), non-profit organization that serves low-income residents in the area. The organization was a recipient of a $50,000 grant from the First Lady's Family Literary Initiative for Texas to pay for the development of family literacy program.
  • Acres Home Chamber of Commerce (AHCC), an organization whose mission is to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Acres Home area. It trains future business leaders and promotes economic development in the community.

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