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Super Neighborhood 65 - Harrisburg / Manchester Park

Recognized 11.20.2000. Harrisburg/Manchester SN shares a joint council with SN #82 - Magnolia Park.

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Manchester lies to the east of Harrisburg, near the confluence of Sims Bayou and the Ship Channel.

Brief History

Harrisburg/Manchester has a history which predates Houston. Harrisburg was a community located at the confluence of Brays Bayou and Buffalo Bayou before the Texas Revolution. It was burned by Santa Anna's army on their way to defeat at San Jacinto. Houston, established upstream of the devastated community later that year, quickly overtook and eclipsed Harrisburg. By 1927 the area was a part of Houston, dependent on the adjacent Port of Houston.

Harrisburg was originally founded by John Richardson Harris, a New Yorker, who erected a trading post in the area. A town site, Harrisburg, was laid out to accommodate the growing population. It became the temporary capital of Texas when the government officials headquartered there as they were fleeing from Santa Ana's forces.

When the railroad, the Southern Pacific Railroad system, moved its shops to Houston in 1870, Harrisburg began to decline.

The end for Harrisburg as a city came when it was annexed by the City of Houston in 1926. Nothing remains today of pioneer Harrisburg except Glendale Cemetery, which overlooks the Houston Ship Channel.


  • Hartman Park

Civic Associations

  • Harrisburg Civic Association

Contact Info

  • The Harrisburg/Manchester Super Neighborhood shares a joint council with Super Neighborhood #82 - Magnolia Park. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00PM at Magnolia Multi-Service Center.

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