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Comments on 2015 Ride

I had a great ride.  Thanks to Apache Corporation and all the volunteers for doing such a good job of organizing it.

Overall, I thought the ride was very good. I liked that the speeches at the beginning were kept to a minimum.

Good that the ride started on time. Good food and drinks at rest stops and rest stops were well marked.

Glad you had three levels of routes. I think the route was not the best it could be. I rode the 60 mile ride and thought many of the roads were really rough with large patches and rough spots. 

Might be able to use a few more volunteers at packet pick up. I did the Saturday pick up at Sun & Ski. Got there just a little after 11 and it took almost 30 minutes to get through the line.

But again, overall, I liked it and would ride it again.

It was a great event. Our team had a lot of fun and we heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone. 

The ride was great well supported with road signs marking the route, police support and great rest stops. The porta potties did not reek, there was toilet paper AND functioning hand washing stations!! Great job!!! Thanks So Much! 

The ride was fantastic!  We  loved it!  I will continue to support it and any other events that happen.   Thanks so much!

Just wanted to check back with you and tell you how much fun me and my wife had. It was our first time doing this ride and we both had a really good time. Definitely doing it again next year and hopefully many more to come! Great job to you and everyone that made it possible.

Comments on 2014 Ride

The route was well marked and manned for the 1st 45 miles but the last few miles on Briar Forest and specifically the Post Oak turn were not manned. The ride has such potential and it would be great if the organizers would involve more local bike clubs in the process.

Well organized ride. Saw lots of support. Good rest stops. Route generally well-marked. Weather could have been a little better -- was going to bike back to Spring Branch after the ride but was cold & wet so took Metro instead. (Nice to go on a ride where you don't need to drive yourself there!) All in all, a good ride.

The ride was great, I did the 60mi route. I really loved the settings for the start and finish. I also liked the roads that were covered by police officers facilitating our pass at the lights. Things to improve, the stop areas if possible should be close to the road that we are riding. and on the way back (rode @ 15+mi/HR) I saw very little police support, which made me feel unsafe. Overall it was great. but please consider the suggestions. Thank you!

Nice ride through Houston, but wish the ride back was smoother. The rest stops were well stocked with oranges, peanuts, pretzels, and bananas. Gatorade and water were also available. Music added a good touch, and porta potties were always available. Great job on the rest stops. Police were available at most stoplights on the 62-mile route and were very friendly. Coming back was another story. Although I spent 40 minutes at rest stops, I spent another 20 waiting at stoplights on the return trip. The route went past some scenic areas of Houston, including downtown, the Galleria, and Washington Ave/Memorial Park. Some potholes, but most roads were very smooth and easy to navigate. Overall, a good ride, and am looking forward to next year.

Last year's route was better because we got to see more of Houston. Also, I would like to thank all the volunteers especially the HPD who did a great job with our ride. It was a different ride experience due to rain. But we enjoyed our 2nd year riding Tour de Houston. Thanks again to all who helped the riders. To our Mayor, thank you for giving such importance on cycling. God bless.

A little wet but we loved it. Thank you!!!

Great Ride! Only thing I would change is to have support for an hour longer to make sure all the 60milers safely get back.

Great to see everyone out there even in the rain. Couple of notes: Too many unprotected turns with traffic. There should have been more cones set up blocking traffic to provide riders with safe access. Often we had no idea whether or not it was safe to proceed since there were not enough police officers.

From my perspective everything went will well considering the weather. The amount of port of potties at rest stops one and two were very ample the times I were there. Volunteers at the rest stops were very friendly. Riding out the monitoring of the intersections by law officials was very good, however coming back in while riding in the rain it was spotty. Some intersections the law officers were out in the rain directing traffic and at other intersections policemen were sitting in their cars not directing traffic. Overall, I thought the ride was well organized and was ran well.

I am definitely planning on returning next year.

Great rest stops. Liked the hand washing stations and plenty of facilities. Too many LEFT turns! Turns (especially the veer left onto Allen Parkway) needed more visibility/warning or a volunteer to wave a sign. The riders are pretty tired and to have the extra help for clear directions is much appreciated. The officer at the left turn off Woodway to Westcott was waving but unclear as to whether he was waving to the cars or to the riders. I witnessed an incident where the car started to pull out into the intersection into a rider. The rider had to veer right back onto Woodway and then come back in order to avoid the car. This incident probably could have been avoided had the traffic director been standing out in the road instead of on the curb.

Thank you so much. My family and I really enjoyed the ride and the family friendly and happy atmosphere is definitely something we want to be part of again next year. We are going to make a tradition out of it by God's grace. Thank you for putting together a wonderful event. We loved it.

Great ride! Beautiful course layout! I really enjoyed myself.

The event was very well organized, with excellent traffic control arrangements. Route was good and scenic in parts. I enjoyed my first Tour de Houston!!

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Comments on 2013 Ride ...

This was a great ride! It was my first and I had a blast. Thank you! But...I lost a pair of red framed Oakley sunglasses that I was borrowing from a friend - lost them somewhere on the first part of twenty mile route before the River Oaks subdivision.

The Tour was nice and all the volunteers and city employees and police were really helpful.

I rode the Tour de Houston this morning 3/17/13, 70 mile route. It was a very good ride. My sympathies for the accidents that took place. The route was very good and roads surprisingly smooth. The volunteers were terrific, thanks to all of them. The police on overtime were generally ok. Even so, I am looking forward to next year!

Many Thanks to the City of Houston, City employees and staff, and to the organizers for putting on a quality event.

Well organized event up till 1:00 pm. Will do it again. Thanks.

The 2013 Tour de Houston had a beautiful route with excellent police and city of Houston staff support. Rest stops were well located and fully stocked and there were plenty of drinks to keep riders supplied with hydration. Additionally, there were more than sufficient portable toliets. The volunteers were friendly and helpful. Thanks for a good ride on a beautiful day.

This was my first Houston ride and loved it. It was great to ride on flat land! The event was well organized and the crowd was great.The route was good and the Houston Police were excellent in manning the traffic. Only comment on the rest stops. "Where were the pickles?" These are incredible when you are on a ride, much more beneficial that cookies and grain bars. Just loved the day and the 45 miles I rode and people I met. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers.

Let me say that the Tour de Houston/Apache didn't let me down, it was a great ride. BUT, I have never stopped so many times in any event ride in the 10+ years I've been doing these. Even in all the past Tour de Houston's I've ridden. The good things were the route, loved that. The rest stops, and the fun at the end. I really enjoy doing the Tour de Houston (because of the different routes each year) and I won't let the above negative stop me from next year. I've done every Tour de Houston except the one that was canceled in 2010. Again, great ride, really did enjoy it.


Comments on 2012 Ride ...

My wife and I enjoyed the ride very much. Thanks for putting on such a great event. One thing I'd like to ask about, though. We arrived at 6:45 and stood in line for nearly an hour to pick up our packets. The folks in the booth realized that the line was not moving fast enough, so they started handing out the rider numbers randomly outside the booth to make sure folks got their rider numbers and could get on the road. I thank them for doing that because it was quite frustrating to hold in that line for so long. With this, neither my wife nor I were able to get one of the ride T-shirts. Is there a way to have 2 shirts sent to us?

Great route - big thanks to all the Police and volunteers who made it so. And to the weather - having that tailwind on the return was cool - 30mph back on #3 - brilliant!! Keep it all the same for next year.

This was one of the better rides I've been on this year. Very organized and the weather cooperated from start to finish. I saw parts of the city I'd never seem before and the route was perfect. This was my 1st Tour De Houston but it definitely won't be my last.

What a nice ride. I really enjoyed the east end view. Have not really ben through that part of town before. It was great to see Mayor White on the ride as well since he started this ride. Thanks to all of the volunteers and especially the traffic control officers who kept smiles on their faces all day.

Loved that tailwind!

This was my first fundraiser ride and I really enjoyed myself. I felt that it was very well organized and I cannot wait for it next year.

Thank you very much for this opportunity, ride was great and volunteers on rest stop at the 30 miles mark were extremely good!!!! One serious suggestion is to improve the route toward Highway 3, there is a lot of pot holes, cracks on the pavement and streets require attention. It was very good to see fire truck on the rail road crossing slowing us down to avoid accidents, they were several.

Terrific ride! Great support and coordination. Very safe and fun!

This was my first Tour ds Houston and definitely Iam coming back next year .. the whole experience was great ... thanks for a great job. The rider experience would have been even higher with a better road signs and with early signs for a coming rest stop! Overall ..great organization. Thanks.

The Tour De Houston has a reputation for being well organized with HPD at every intersection and ample support. This year was no exception! Please keep up the good work!

Great Support Along the way. Food and drinks at rest stop were great. Plenty of HPD helping us with the Traffic.

I have ridden in all 7 Tour de Houston bike events. This is by far the best one yet! From the fully stocked restrooms, friendly volunteers at the rest stops to the security support on the route! Great coordinattion all around!Can't wait till 2013!

Overall my experience was great! Thanks tour de Houston for making it a fun first bike marathon for me. Some concerns for me is more signs for to distinguish the 60 mile 40, 20 mile routes!

Where can we find the pictures taken by the photographers for 2012 tour?

This was my first ride in this event. We enjoyed it very much, though wonder if the route will ever go through some Houston neighborhoods, more like the Marathon route? We did a ride like that for several years in Los Angeles that followed the Marathon route. Bikers got to ride before the runners.

It was a great ride! A grand thank you to all the staff, volunteers, and police officers for a job well done. One suggestion for future rides... most of the trash generated at the rest stops was recyclable and/or compostable... how about setting up for those? Maybe the nearby community gardens could take care of the composting?

Thank you Houston for another great ride! The event was well organized, the volunteers were fantastic, and our Police support was tremendous! Sun & Ski saved our ride at rest stop #1 when we broke our drive chain on our tandem. It was a great experience. We look forward to next year!

2012 event was really a great time. Best I've riden in a while. Support was excellent and everyone was very friendly. Only ideas I have for improvement was in that it took a while for pre-registered riders to get their packages. Might consider offering package pickup at more locations to aid in the congestion. Only other thing was the road condition on Navigation was pretty tough for bike riders. Other than that a great event and look forward to riding again next year!

The ride was very organized. The announcer was great. I loved the waive start. A tremendous thank you to all the officers at the traffic stops. They did a great job at directing traffic and cyclists with clear signals. I never once felt unsafe. A huge thank you to the volunteers as well, especially the ones who allowed me to pick up my packet 20 minutes late. They were very accommodating, even after working long shifts. One recommendation I have would be to have a variety of food at the rest stops; however, I am appreciative of everything that was available.

What a well supported event. Thanks to all the law enforcement on the scene to direct traffic. Love the route!

I loved the 20 mile bikeride.I saw lots of tall buildings.I loved the oranges and the peanuts. Thank you. This is written by Parveen Udawala-8 years old. She enjoyed the bike ride and wishes to it again - next year. Congratulations to all who participated. Thank you to all the volunteers.

I always look forward to where the Tour de Houston will take us each year. This year's route was well supported throughout and the officers at the intersections were great, we didn't have to stop much. There were bumpy roads in SE Houston, but there's nothing you can do about that. All the rest stop volunteers and my fit foods were great. Big thanks to Apache for bringing it back! The insane amount of porta potties at RS1 was nice, didn't have to wait. Day-of packet pickup was pretty nuts, luckily I got mine previously in the week. Perhaps a pre-ride e-mail to all the pre-registered riders reminding them about packet pickups would help. Although can't complain about 4,000 coming out to support the parks! The free theatre district parking was nice. I personally didn't see any SAG vehicles, but that doesn't mean they weren't out there. Thank you for the great event!

Parking: Raise the arms by the underground entrance. Parking was way too slow. Route: Kind of boring compared with previous routes. However, the southerly wind was great coming back to the finish. Police: No one at Edgebrook and 3 when I was going south. Had to stop for light. I would have appreciated an officer there at that time. Going back all intersections were covered with officers. I had to stop several times then, too, but that is understandable with the increased car traffic by that time. Overall: Very enjoyable and will do it again next year. Thanks to all who put it on.

Fantastic ride! I enjoy going out to support cycling in Houston and raising awareness. I think riding out was great with minimal stops on Highway 3 but on the way back, I feel there were too many stops at traffic lights on Highway 3. I would also welcome options for longer routes.

Great ride, one negative comment though. Police support was great on the way out to Clear Lake park. Not so good on the way back on Hwy 3. The police who were out of their cars directing traffic were doing a good job. About 3/4 of the police on Hwy 3 when we were coming back from Clear Lake Park at intersections were sitting in their cars with the windows rolled up, not directing traffic at all. If they were there to direct traffic, they were not doing it. We finished the ride, so we were not at the end of the riders.

Well organized including the rest stops. Kudos to all the local law enforcement agencies except Webster PD (the ony local PD not to show and leave the tour cyclists to fend for themselves on NASA Road 1 through Webster) for stopping traffic at intersections to wave us through. Look forward to next year.

My wife and I enjoyed the ride. Looking forward to a more scenic route next year. Will more 2012 photos be posted on your site?

The start was poorly organized I did not get my number and I did not get my t-shirt.


Comments on 2010 Ride ...

I had a great time on the ride. The rest stops were EXCELLENT! They were well stocked with snacks, had plenty of restrooms, and most importantly were set up so that the traffic leaving the rest stop did not have to compete with the traffic entering the rest stop. I'm pretty new to riding, but the rest stops on this ride were by far the best I've seen. Thanks to all of the volunteers at the rest stops! Also, a big thanks to all of the police officers that stood out in the cold and wind to help with traffic! Thanks for a great ride!

This is my 5th ride in a row. I love to have this supported ride in the city. I ride and drive in Houston a lot and still get to see routes that I rarely use. Needless to say the cold and wind were tough this year. I got a late start for the 70 mile ride but the ride was still well supported throughout even as the riders thinned out. Good Job!

Thanks again for another great Tour de Houston - ample parking (use of the garages free of charge was great!), fully-stocked rest stops, plenty of restrooms, good signage throughout the route, HPD-patrolled intersections, more t-shirts available (unless I just happened to be there earlier this time!). I think the location of the starting line was better than starting at Discovery Green last year, esp. since the parking garages were right there. All of these made for a great ride!

Great 70-mile route this year and a huge improvement on the signs. I knew exactly where I was going. The route was wonderfully selected--beginning at City Hall, down Memorial, & San Felipe and the clean streets of Katy and Cinco Ranch. Great route selection!!

Amazing and well organized. City of Houston did a great job considering the massive amount of participants. Volunteer Station No. 1 was very courteous and hospitable their enthusiasm and high genuine spirits helped me complete ride…regardless of the high winds.


Comments on 2009 Ride ...

This was really a great ride - thank you to all the volunteers and police officers who made it possible. All the workers were friendly and cheerful. What a thrill to ride through the streets of Houston. Usually these organized rides are not worth the money, but this was priceless! Hopefully you can advertise more and scale up for next year - my civic pride is bursting!

2009 TDH was much more fun than 2008 thanks to a much more varied and interesting route. The 70-mile route really was a tour of a big hunk of the city, and it was great to ride through such a wide variety of neighborhoods. I really felt like I saw a slice of houston: the good, the bad, and everything in between. I would suggest planning an actual Century ride next year by adding a 100-mile course too. :-) The volunteers were wonderful, the support and post-ride activities were awesome.

Awesome ride! Awesome after ride party! Awesome band! Only 2 things I think would help...The route signs on the way back once the 40 milers re-connected with the 20 mile route were slightly confusing on a couple intersections. They only said "20 mile route". Had they said 20 & 40 mile route (or at the proper junction also adding the 70 milers on it too) it would have been better. I noticed a few 40 mile riders going straight back on to the original 20 mile route instead of turning to go back to the finish. The other could save some money...forget the foot long and just provide a 6" sub. Plenty meal...too much white bread in 12" sub. Otherwise great job! We'll be back next year for sure.

Many thanks to all the organizers and to the HPD officers that helped keep us going at the intersections. We ride a tandem, and stopping and starting a lot takes a bit more energy with the heavier bike. We really appreciated being flagged threw at most of the red lights. Great ride, great after ride party, great band! We'll be back next year for sure!

I accidentally participated -very briefly - in the tour de Houston- while out on my sunday a.m. ride through my 'hood!! What a fantastic event!! I hope to officially participate in 2010- Please make it an annual thing.... I am Houston Proud

Great ride. Discovery Green is a perfect downtown Houston location for the ride with alot of green space, parking and vistas of the city. The ride route was good with good roads and neighborhoods to see. Most important the food at the rest stops and the bag lunch was really good. And I love Larabar's. Great catch on getting them donated. Oh, hope they were donated!!!

Great job to everyone who helped with the ride the police officer were great and helpful. this was my first ride and I did the 70 mile ride, the rest stop were delightful and the registration was a breeze. again thanks to everyone great job see yall next year.

Loved the ride came from Beaumont area to ride the 20 mile route. enjoyed it loved the nice ending at the park with food and drinks provided. makes me wish I could do more Houston rides. The whole family enjoyed the Discovery Green park.

My father (20 mile) and I (40 mile) had a great time on the ride. Perfect weather, the after party was fun and the sandwiches and beer was great! The Houston Police Dept. did a great job blocking off intersections. The signage was really helpful along the route as well. I'm doing the 70 mile next year...Good job race organizers!

Really enjoyed the ride,,the weather was perfect,,ate good,,,,,met some good people and the band was really jammin,,,,,,,,the location was great,,,,can't wait till next year !! Where there any T-Shirts avaliable??

The ride was well organized and I had a blast. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending my morning with wonderful Houstonians.

Fantastic bike ride!! I liked the course and the overall organization. There was only one moment in the 40 miles route where it was unclear whether we should turn right or go straight but most of the time it was clear. Having children in the ride was a very good idea, seeing the family riding together is very inspirational. The party at the Discovery green park was great. Good band on stage. I will register next year and will spread the voice among my friends. Thanks a lot Houston!!!

I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for a job well done with the Tour de Houston. I could not imagine the hours of planning and preparation that you all put in to make it a successful event. This is the first time that I participated and enjoyed the ride. I found to be a good preparation ride for the MS 150. I appreciate what you do and you are tremendous ambassadors for the City of Houston!

Great 40 mile ride, right through my neighborhood (Southampton)!

thanks for a good ride  good support and rest stops  I started riding when I was 52  have been riding for 18 yrs  this was one of the best.

Thought the ride was GREAT, real fast, loved the route. Would do it again next year. THANKS I would like a T shirt if any are avalable, please e-mail info needed, would be willing to buy one. 

Thanks so much for a tour of Houston and not the Tollroad. I loved it.

I just can't believe that there was no coverage of Tour de Houston in the Chronicle. This is an awesome civic event, and that's what a local paper is there to report on.

I really enjoyed the ride. My only beef is that I(and it seems a lot of others) missed the turn for the 70 mile route, and ended up doing only 40 miles.

The rest stops had a wide variety of food. One rest stop (on return from the Heights) did not have any sports drink. I had a bike problem and the Sun & Ski sports mechanic was very helpful. Our biggest problem was signage on the 70 mile route, I think we went out to the Heights area first instead of the southern leg to N Braeswood. So we totally missed the southern leg and ended up with about 50 miles. The big sandwich was great, though some veggies on it would have been nice (difficult to premake and have them fresh that way I imagine). Roads were a bit rough.

Great Ride will definitely do it again next year. Weather was so great. Wish I could of done the 70 mile route. Rest Stops where great, I appreciate all the volunteers who help make this happen. It seem more organized than the other years, I hope Houston keeps this as an annual thing. Hope to see everyone again next year!

Great event. Only criticism echoes that of others on late ride signage. For example, the final turn home in the Heights was not labeled so 20m riders knew to go home and 40m riders knew to loop again by the rest stop.

This ride was very well organized but it is rough riding on Houston's streets.I have rode this ride since it started but will not ride again because it is just too rough.Last year was the best on the Tollway. Any chance that will happen again?


Comments on 2008 Ride ...

Excellent ride!!!! Loved the new route! Hardy Toll Road was great! Giving the entire north-bound lanes to the cyclists provided for a great, smooth, and fast course where cyclists could really focus on riding their bikes without worrying about cars, upcoming turns, etc. Please plan to use the same route next year - at least the Hardy Toll Road portion. The Aldine-Bender portion got a bit dodgy at times due to both traffic and cyclists passing each other without calling out "on your left" to warn others of their presence. Thank you!

The 2008 Tour de Houston was a greaat ride The start time should be moved to 8:00 if daylight savings time is to start early again next year. everyone I talked to said it was a little to dark at the start. The route was exceptional. Riding the toll road was the best part of the ride.

Loved the route. Parking was horrible...I did not see anywhere on the website that said we needed a letter or anything else to get into the parking garage...consequently I was charged $6.00 to park. Then when I finally picked up my packet, I saw that I was supposed to give them the letter to get into the garage. I could not get my packet early, because they ran out. When I showed them the letter, they would not give me money back and said I would have to deal with it on Monday. I would still like my money back! Then when finishing the ride, I saw many people riding their bikes into the garage. I did not realize that my tire would fit into the grates that were not marked nor covered at the bottom of the garage. My front tire stuck in the grate and luckily I just have a bruised chin and thighs, but could have needed stitches or a cast.

The ride itself was very good. Police at every intersection and a good route. But the oganization was poor. I pre-registered on line and was guaranty a t-shirt but when I arrived at 6:30am they had no t-shirts, no numbers for tracking the riders, no maps for the routes and some of the volunteers were rude. Also, the 2nd rest stop was out of water and snacks. That is a big no no for riders!! SAG was very good. Is there any way to pick up t-shirts for some of us who pre-registered did not get one?

I thought that the ride route was great. I enjoyed the 70 mile ride very much. I arrived late because we had difficulty getting to the start location due to unforeseen construction and on top of that, did not see any signs or people showing us where the free parking site locations were, so we ended up parking in a nearby garage off of Milam and Lamar. Upon reaching the pre-registration check-in table, the volunteers were practically shooing riders to get to the start line and said that we could pick up our t-shirts and packets at the end of the ride. I never officially checked in and sadly, I did not see a table at the end of the ride with check-in packets. Sadly I did not receive a t-shirt, which was one of my reasonings to pre-register online. I'm a size small in shirts, and it is usually difficult to get a small shirt at most rides, so I pre-register for rides to guarantee a small shirt size for myself. I was disappointed to find that there were no t-shirts left because the riders who finished earlier had taken them all. At the 3rd rest stop for the 70 mile route (at the Hardy North Plaza) they ran out of bananas. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and help prevent muscle cramps. On the other hand, the rest stop on the Hardy South Plaza managed to have plenty of bananas for 70 mile riders on their last stretch to the finish line. The Discount Tire guys at the Hardy North Plaza rest stop were cheerful, encouraging and very efficient at distributing fluids to thirsty riders. The direction signs were very clear and helpful. I am very appreciative of the large arrows and the police officers directing traffic.

First Time rider to this event and I loved it! It was a perfect day for a ride--weather was great! I particulary liked the protection from cars while on the Hardy, plenty of porta-potties--no long lines, plenty of snacks & sports drinks, etc., sanitary wipes at every stop were a nice touch, and lots of police protection at major intersections --very nice touch! Riding again next year and bringing the team---Team Metro!

Only one complaint...after arriving early to stand in line to receive a number for lunch and then riding 70 miles, there were no lunches left on my return. Also, the comment by a person in the food tent that we should ride faster next time was not appreciated. Every thing else was great and enjoyed the ride.

Fantastic ride! Try to arrange for a tailwind on the way back to City Hall every year, ok?

2008 Ride Truly a great ride, the Hardy Toll road all to ourselves was amazing. I know it must have been hard to close that road for such a long period of time, but from a seasoned rider, it was well worth it. I have never felt more safe on a ride, then I did this weekend. Thanks for the effort and I will be back again next year.

The ride was great, I did the 40 mile route and really enjoyed the HARDY toll road. I was dissappointed that I did not get a T-shirt even though I pre-registered on 3/08. I have a collection that I am aiming at getting 8 this year. I would like to contact someone to see if I may still receive one. thanks

Very solid orginization and planning. What were the totals for 70/40/20 participants. I plan to repeat in 2009 weather permitting.

This is the one ride that I was so looking forward to, I did last year for the first time. I liked the 2007 route better but it was a great ride, great entertainment, great food. I did the 70 mile route and I was running a little late so when I got there, they only gave my rider number and told me to contact you with my address and that they would mail it to me

This year was by far the best Tour de Houston ever. What a great idea to ride on the Hardy Toll Road. This is something that people could only imagine doing. Thanks for such a great ride.

Overall, I think this is a very good event. I did it last year and this year (today). I enjoyed going to Clear Lake last year, but I think the route this year was better. Closing the Hardy Toll Road makes a long, safe road, and it is a nice clean road. The streets by downtown were better this year (less potholes). The police support was excellent. The bike repair support was good (I had a flat before I started). The rest stops were good, the volunteers were friendly and enthusiastic. The fruit was good - I would have preferred a little more variety than pretzels and pesnuts (cookies & protein bars are nice). I live in Sugar Land, and there was not a convenient packet pick up before the event. I got there about 6:45, and they were closing the packet pick-up, so I was not able to pick a packet up. If there are any T-shirts left, I would like to pick one up. If not, that is OK.

The ride was great other than the fact that, when I went to check in, I was told they were out of everything. I don't understand how, if someone has pre-registered (a month ahead of time), their packet would be gone. Was this first come, fist served? On every other recommended ride, I've been able to pick up my packet the morning of the ride. I'd like to know if I'm going to get one at a later date.

Overall the ride was fantastic. Ride Marshalls did a fantastic job especially when problems arose. The rest stops/after party was great-good choices for food!! Riding on the Hardy Toll road was so much fun-can't tell you how much fun as a cyclist it was not to worry about traffic/cross traffic-we could just empty the tanks! There were only 2 problems that marred the ride. Elysian Rd is in deplorable shape-especially for us road cyclists. The bumps and cracks along with many inexperienced riders made for a hair raising adventure. I saw a few cyclists go down there, including me. Also, there were a few officers,especially on Elysian, that seemed to have to clue as to how to direct riders. They were literally standing in the intersection with their arms at their sides. My hubby, being ex MP was unsettled as was I. At one point I had a major wreck because an officer was standing in the middle of Elysian and a school bus was trying to pull out. I was watching the officer for direction and ran right into my hubby who was also looking for direction from the officer. The officer just stood there and then walked off to the far corner and watched us and the rest of the cyclists cope with an unprotected intersection. That made for a dangerous situation. Over all the police did a good job-but you always seem to remember the few who didn't. I applaud the effort. If you keep the same route next year (hopefully something can be done about Elysian) I will definitely be back.

Several comments 1. Leaving before sunrise was not a good idea. The route on Elysian north of downtown in the dark and it was difficult to see imperfections in the roadway. This may have led to at least one crash. Delaying the start for 30 minutes until sunrise would have been appropriate. 2. The first rest stop for the 70 milers was arranged poorly. The potties were set up along the entry/exit road used by the cyclists to get to Aldine Bender. Guess what? The lines for the potties formed into the entry road and blocked riders wanting to go straight through. Additionally, bikers just stopped in the middle of the exit road to get to a spot to park their bike to take a break further congesting the area. 3. One issue nobody gets right at rest stops are places to lean the bikes. Most bikes nowdays do not have kickstands so they cannot stand upright on their own. Set a bunch of portable wooden contruction barriers organized out of the way and that would organize where bikes are leaned and not have them blocking the roadway areas. 4. The route was great! I enjoyed this ride as much as any other I've done in the past year. Except as noted above, the support was great, police guidance for the most part was proper(they were thanked continuously by riders), and the rest stops were improved dramatically over the 2006 TourDeHouston fiasco to be some of the best for this type of ride. Thank you. I plan to ride next year!

This was my 3rd year participating and again, I was very please how the ride was organized

Absolutely Fantastic! The best supported ride I've ever been on! The Hardy Toll Road was a excellent route. I hope you keep using it in future events. Kudos to all who organized and volunteered. Thank you!


Comments on 2007 Ride ...

I am so glad the City of Houston is organizing this ride. I really enjoyed it and will tell all my friends about it. To me Houston Parks and Recreation is a great cause - I would love to be able to raise more money for you!

The tour was a wonderful event - congratulations to you and all involved. Routes were well chosen, and showed me a few parts of the city I hadn't seen before including some occasional gems. Intersection control and the various police units were fantastic - I think I only stopped very briefly two times during the entire ride!

Great ride!

This was my first ride and it was great! Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this a great event.

It was a GREAT bike ride (great weather). Very well supported and the rest stops were great. I loved it and cannot wait to come back next year...

It was one of my favorites. I did 70 and it was the first time I had rode 70 and I didn't have any problems. I think they did an excellent job with the ride and I would definitely recommend this ride to everyone. The rest stops were like stopping at convenient stores. The best part of the ride downtown was after the 20-mile stop. There was a turn off that took you off of Galveston road just about a mile down. It went through the Clear Lake area and even by the lake. There were even designated bike lanes. The ride back was great it was mostly in tail wind.


Comments on 2006 Ride ...

Congratulations on a great event!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd annual Tour de Houston.  This year I rode 70 miles and my wife 40.  The routes were well planned and the police help at intersections was superb.  I hope the ride continues to grow in popularity and that the money raised helps you to make our park system the best urban system in the
nation!  Thanks for your good work.

You guys did a great job with the event.  I really enjoyed  it.  The route was much better than last year's. 

The course maps for the Tour de Houston are too low-quality to read. I'd suggest putting some maps there next year that are high enough resolution so that one can actually see the street names where we need to turn. A 400 x 320 pixel map on a monitor running 1280x1024 resolution is only about 3 inches across. Even when I save the image and enlarge it with PaintShop Pro it's unreadable.

Another sign was needed at the turn into Rice University.

Just a quick three comments/questions.

  1. The Tour De Houston was a GREAT, GREAT ride.... I love riding bikes
    on city streets in neighborhoods. First, I am not going so fast that I
    can't see anything and if I am curious about a restaurant or a shop, I
    can always drive back later the next day. Driving through Houston is
    too hectic for a sightseer and my bike pace is leisurely enough to
    REALLY, REALLY enjoy the ride. Great RIDE!
  2. I got a little lost on the way in on Allen Parkway, but other than
    that, the routes were well marked and the police officers were great.
    Congratulations on a wonderful job.
  3. I am a member of Team C.U.R.E and volunteered on the registration
    plaza. I was there at 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning to direct riders to
    the registration tables. Your crew was very helpful. Laura (Lucy?) was
    great to work with. Great Event.

The 2nd year was better than last year's ride.  I enjoyed the route, too.   I'll sign up for it again in a heartbeat!  Thanks for your hard work in improving the ride.

On site registration was fast and the volunteers were friendly.

The start was efficient.

Most impressive that the METRO LRT stopped for bicyclists.

The counterclockwise route eliminated many left turns.

Navigation and 75th Street are great routes to start with.

The hill behind the old AstroWorld was fast and it was the first time I saw the Fannin Street lot and LRT maintenance.

The demolition trucks at AstroWorld were the most dangerous vehicles on the route. They were backed up on both sides of the road.

The 70 mile route was a good addition.

I thought it went very well. I liked the staggered start. Trains were a pain but it gave everyone a chance to catch their breath and visit, especially the one on the NW side. The next to the last rest stop on the 70 mile loop was a little slow to set up. We hung around while they mixed up the Gatorade.

The event was much better coordinated, rest stops seemed OK, and overall the course was very good. It was funny that one train (along Navigation) crossed our paths, then immediately backed up so the ride could be moving.

Better route then last year.

A lot more cops at intersections.

Free parking was a good idea but I did not use it.

98% of the intersection cops did a great job of blocking traffic, but a few were not clear on their job duties. One just stood there and yelled at us that the light was red.

Some intersection were not marked or the marks were confusing.

Poor advertising before the event. Should include flyer at bike shops along with TV and billboards

Need more activity at the end of the ride to make it more festive. Maybe have some kind of drawing for prizes. Live music is always a plus. Also music at the start would be good.

Better maps, with arrows for directions, not "B"s.

Police officer on Mandell south of 59 was in the car on the cell phone instead of directing traffic


Comments on 2005 Ride ...

It was one of the best rides I have participated in.

I felt safe: I liked how for the majority of the ride, we had an entire lane to ride in, and the police did a great job controlling traffic!

Everyone seemed to follow the biking road rules.

I loved how the ride started and ended at the City Hall reflection pool--it was a peaceful way to start and end the ride.

The route was clearly marked with maps passed out before, and there were big signs on the streets.

The rest stops were located in good spots and were not too far away from each other.

I thought the overall ride was very good, especially being the first time.

I thought the route was good and I would do this ride again. The police were great and kept the ride going.

The band was awesome and the food was very good.

I ended up doing the 40 mile route, and it was so much fun!

What a fabulous success the Tour de Houston was. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I keep smiling every time I think about it. The image of bikers packing 3/4 of the streets surrounding City Hall is burned into my mind.

What a GREAT thing for the City.

It was Great.

It was well organized but road choices could have been better. There were ruts in a lot of the roads.

Have packet pickup centrally located.

Great Job. Thanks Houston.

The Navigation Bridge west of Cesar Chavez could have been better. The Franklin underpass was not good. It needed to be separated with cones. It was too dark.

The 40 mile route was too short. It was only 35 miles.

Good work with the police officers on the routes.

Let the 40 milers start first.

More advertising to the people in the route areas. For example, at Navigation and York, there were angry motorists because of being stopped for long periods of time. If we let them know, like we do for the marathon, they will be more aware of what is going on.

It was well organized but road choices could have been better. There were ruts in a lot of the roads.


Big crack on Waugh just south of Washington. The crack was 1 1/2 inches wide and the sides were uneven. Except for some bad choices of roads, the day was great.

On the maps, put arrows to point the direction of the route.

Keep email registration open longer.

If the online registration would have been open to the day before, not so many people would have needed to register the day off.