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TweetMyJobs Houston!

Tweet My Jobs Houston

TweetMyJobs Houston! Helps Veterans Find Jobs and Makes it Easy for Businesses to Target Veterans

TweetMyJobs Houston! offers a tool specifically for our nation’s Veterans and businesses with veteran-targeted job opportunities. This tool is the same tool engaged by the White House in their initiatives to provide new resources to Veterans as they seek to transition into the private sector.

Jobs Seekers
If you are a Veteran searching for employment opportunities, TweetMyJobs Houston! provides specific jobs channels for Veterans that contain all Veteran-targeted jobs.  When you register on, any job that is Veteran-preferred will have a badge next to the title of the job that says “Veteran Committed” indicating that the employer is targeting Veterans.

Employers/Small Businesses
If you are a business with veteran-targeted job opportunities, when you go to TweetMyJobs Houston! to post your job opportunity, on the same page where you list the job description, you will see a box to click that says “This job is for military veterans.”  If you click that box, then your job will be distributed through specific channels that target veterans, including the White House’s jobs platform and channels for jobs targeted to Veterans.

TweetMyJobs for Veterans
Veterans can also take advantage of a tool that lets you tweet your resume to employers who are specifically reaching out to Veterans, visit