How to Use the 311 App


1.     Download the App

a.     Android

b.     iOS


2.     Create an account. (Before you can submit a report, you must first register by clicking the Settings button in the Main Menu and selecting "Login/Register". You only need to register once.


3.     Navigation

a.     Homepage

                                                    i.     This page introduces you to the City of Houston's 311 mobile application.

                                                  ii.     Here you will find a link to general city information and information about the app.

                                                 iii.     The app has several functions that are listed at the bottom of the screen.

                                                 iv.     To submit a request, click the plus / + button at the bottom of the screen.

b.     App Functions

                                                    i.     Place

1.     This button takes you to the homepage where you can find a link to general city information and information about the app.

                                                  ii.     Notices

1.     On this page, you will receive notices from the SeeClickFix app about various issues occurring in your area.


                                                 iii.     Plus / +

1.     This button creates a new service request.

2.     See the section below, 'Submitting a New Service Request,' for instructions on submitting a new service request.

                                                 iv.     Issues

1.     This button shows a map with service requests in your area.

2.     Select a pin on the map to view more information about the service request.

                                                   v.     Profile

1.     This button shows a list of the service requests you have submitted.

a.     Click the service request to view more information.

2.     This page also contains a 'Settings' page where you can make changes to your account.

c.      Submitting a New Service Request

                                                    i.     Click the plus / + button at the bottom of the screen.

                                                  ii.     First, upload a photo from your device or select 'No Photo' to continue.

                                                 iii.     Next, identify the location where you need service.

1.     You can drag the 'X' to your location or type the address in the box at the top of the page.

                                                 iv.     Next, select your service request category.

1.     You can search using keywords, or by scrolling through the category list.

                                                   v.     When you find your category, you may be required to fill out additional information.

1.     This additional information helps us narrow down your issue and complete the request as quickly as possible.

                                                 vi.     On occasion, you may be notified that other people have submitted requests that match the one you are in the process of submitting.

1.     Click the 'Heart and Wrench' icon to follow the existing request.

2.     Click the 'Speech Bubble' to provide comments on the existing request.

                                               vii.     When you are finished filling out the information about your request, click 'Submit.'

1.     The submission confirmation page will show you a summary of your service request.

2.     Your service request will be reviewed by 311, and the status will change from 'open' to 'acknowledged.'

3.     When the service request has become 'acknowledged,' you will receive a service request number you can use to track the case as it is processed.


d.     To check the status of your Service Request, use the Map on the 311 website at Search the map using the Service Request number, the address associated with the issue, or by zooming-in to the area.