Mayor's Office For Adult Literacy

Conversation Corner

Hello! Today, you are reading the first issue of our Literacy on the Bayou newsletter.  This is yet another way we are trying to keep you informed and engaged.  We have an excellent social media presence.  We have an ever-evolving Adult Literacy webpage within the city’s website rich with teacher and learner resources.  We are about to launch a literacy blog where literacy professionals will share thoughts, ideas, best practices, etc.  These initiatives are all part of a deliberate campaign to keep literacy providers and the community at large involved in our efforts.  We cannot succeed, however, without your participation.  Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if nobody is there to hear it?  Does a blog or a social media post make an impact if nobody is reading or reacting, commenting, or engaging?
I want to ask you to stay involved.  Jackie, Marlena, and I do not post for ourselves.  We post for the community, but any successful social media campaign depends on people commenting and starting conversations.  If we feature a series of learner success stories, we need you to contribute one.  If we ask for instructional ideas, we want to see a dynamic conversation about approaches and best practices.  If we discuss the impact of Covid on the future of adult literacy, we need to hear the perspectives of many of you.  MOAL cannot recommend policy or action to the city government without your input.

Please, engage with us and with each other. Stay involved.  Share your ideas.  We are here to serve you because we need to drive home one very important message:

Literacy is the Heartbeat of Houston!