City of Houston Mayor’s Commission
Against Gun Violence

In March of 2018, former Mayor Sylvester Turner announced plans to establish the Mayor’s Commission Against Gun Violence (MCAGV). The announcement, made at a downtown Houston rally and march that drew thousands of people, was made in solidarity with March for Our Lives, the national student-led gun violence prevention movement.

The mayor, who has a lengthy legislative record advocating for schools and for responsible gun use, is inspired by young people who have organized to educate elected officials and the public about the need to improve school safety and effectively address gun violence issues on school campuses.

In May of 2018, he announced the names of 37 individuals who represent a cross-section of the Houston community to serve on his new Mayor’s Commission Against Gun Violence. The diverse group includes students, parents, physicians, law enforcement officials, gun-rights advocates, gun violence victims and members of faith-based and civil rights organizations, and is currently chaired by Dr. Bindi Naik-Mathuria.

Dr. Naik-Mathuria is the Division Chief of Pediatric Surgery in the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), where she holds the Granville T. Hall Chair in General Surgery. Dr. Naik-Mathuria is triple board certified in Pediatric Surgery, General Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care. She sees the first hand the impact gun violence has on children and advocates for policies specifically designed for the Houston community.

In 2023, the commissioners reviewed several initiatives created by members of the MCAGV, including the new Firearm Injury Dashboard from the Houston Health Department, a Gun Violence Report from the Houston Area Women’s Center, and a new Hospital Violence Intervention Program from UT-Health Science Center at Memorial Hermann. The MCAGV report is available under the “Supporting Documents” below.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to Houstonians, lawmakers, and the media about the MCAGV along with projects underway that are reducing gun violence in the City of Houston.

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Supporting Documents

picture_as_pdf 2023 HAWC Gun Violence Report - November 2023 picture_as_pdf MCAGV Presentations - November 13, 2023 picture_as_pdf Mayor Turner & Haley Carter to House Appropriations Committee - July 12, 2022 picture_as_pdf State Advocacy Update - June 24, 2022 picture_as_pdf Federal Advocacy Update - June 24, 2022 picture_as_pdf Big City Mayors on State Gun Policy - June 21, 2022 picture_as_pdf Chair Haley Carter Letter to Governor - May 26, 2022 picture_as_pdf Chair Haley Carter on Gun Policies - May 26, 2022 picture_as_pdf Mayor Turner to the Houston Delegation against House Bill 1927 on firearm regulations - April 15, 2021 picture_as_pdf Council Member Abbie Kamin to the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee on various firearm safety bills - April 8, 2021 picture_as_pdf Bill Kelly to the Senate State Affairs Committee opposing SB 18 on firearms manufacture during public health emergency - April 8, 2021 picture_as_pdf Bill Kelly to Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee supporting HB 118 on gun background checks - April 8, 2021 picture_as_pdf Police Chief Acevedo Letter to House Select Cmte on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety - August 31, 2020 picture_as_pdf Haley Carter testimony on Background Checks - August 18, 2020 picture_as_pdf USCM Pres. Barnett & Chief Acevedo letter — October 28, 2019 picture_as_pdf Senate Letter on Gun Safety & Prevention Funding — August 22, 2019 picture_as_pdf U.S. Conference of Mayors Letter to Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer — August 8, 2019 picture_as_pdf Letter of Support for House Bill 496 — Bleeding Control Kits in Public Schools — April 15, 2019 picture_as_pdf 86th Session – HB 17 – Comprehensive School Safety picture_as_pdf 86th Session – HB 2653 – Threat Assessment Teams picture_as_pdf 86th Session – HB 2654 - School Building Codes picture_as_pdf 86th Session – HB 1623 – Trauma-Informed Training picture_as_pdf Mayor’s Letter of support for HR 8 – Universal Background Checks picture_as_pdf 86th Session - Active Shooter Building Codes picture_as_pdf 86th Session - Background Checks at Gun Shows picture_as_pdf 86th Session - Ban on 3D Printed Firearms picture_as_pdf 86th Session Red Flag Law picture_as_pdf 86th Session State Budget Amendments and Administrative Changes picture_as_pdf Commission Proposed Recommendations – December 1st 2018 picture_as_pdf Commission Proposed Recommendations – August 1st 2018

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