BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Preparing for Your New Pet

Congratulations on Your New Pet!

Make sure that your home is prepared for your new pet before you come into the shelter to adopt.  They will need food and water and bowls; establish a designated feeding area and have it set up for their arrival. If you are adopting a cat, have a litter box ready in a safe, private area inside your home. If you are adopting a dog make sure you have the proper size collar and leash. Have plenty of waste disposal bags handy. If you have a yard for your dog, make sure the fence and gate are secure and of sufficient height to keep them safely inside it at all times.

BARC promotes what we call the practice of the “4 L’s”. License, Leash, Love & Latch”; License your pet. Leash your pet. Love your pet. Latch your gate.