BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Education Program

Given the dog and cat overpopulation in Houston, BARC Animal Shelter of the City of Houston has created a Pet Responsibility Program that encompasses several programs aimed at educating different grade levels, in the hopes of tackling and reducing the number of stray and homeless animals in our streets. We want to create a consciousness of this problem in our community and especially in our youth as they will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow and also have an influential role in their family unit. Below are the programs we have created to reach our goal of saving the lives of as many animals as possible:

Pet Responsibility Presentation: 

Our education coordinator visits 3rd-5th graders and gives an interactive presentation that consists of images that represent “good” or “bad” examples of responsible pet ownership and we emphasize the importance of neutering/spaying your pet and getting him micro-chipped. The students and BARC coordinator talk about how to avoid mistreatment of animals and the damaging consequences it causes. The presentation encourages students to voice their opinion and share their experiences with their pets and animals in general, and ends with the message that pets are family and should never be given up or abandoned.

“Wanna Be a Vet?” Program: 

This program is aimed at high school students that want to be vets or have interest in this particular field. The school selects a small group of students that will come to BARC for a few hours and meet with our vets. Students get the opportunity to ask our vets questions about the profession and college experience, as well as see them in action in the surgery room!

Reading to Paws: 

Studies have proven that reading to animals helps students improve their reading skills and build confidence in reading out loud. Thus, BARC can take puppies or kittens to a school library where students of all levels or with reading difficulties can come read to them.

Career Days or workshops: 

If your school is having their annual career day please think of BARC! Our education coordinator can attend and explain to your students the different professions available here at BARC, along with some fun pet ownership education.

Field Trips: 

A tour around our facility is a great eye opener to Houston’s stray overpopulation problem, and some quality time with puppies and kittens never hurts. Students will finish the day with the Pet Responsibility Presentation.

Parent Presentations: 

Do you have monthly parent reunions at your school, library or community center and are looking for a guest speaker with useful information? Please think of BARC! Our education coordinator is happy to speak to and inform your student’s parents about BARC’s low cost services and how to be a better pet owner. The information and presentation is available in Spanish as well.

Pet Education Week Campaign: This campaign week is one of BARC’s biggest ambitions and hopes. BARC would like to partner with several schools throughout the City of Houston to implement this Pet Education week each year at their school. During this Pet Education campaign, several pet related activities are completed in the classroom in an educational yet fun and memorable way that enable students to learn and embrace the importance of being a responsible pet owner.

If you are a principal, school staff, or parent interested in bringing our programs to your students please contact: