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April 15, 2011

State of the City: Challenged but Strong

Dear Fellow Houstonians,

Despite some challenges, the state of our city remains strong and financially secure.  Houston is still the best city in the country in which to live and work.  We remain better off financially than any other big city and we have the best prospects to emerge from this recession as a cleaner, safer, thriving city with abundant jobs.

This first year in office has been very productive.  We've been fighting crime, growing our
economy, creating jobs, planning for the future and saving money.  We've been reforming, streamlining, modernizing and transforming the way we do business.  Have there been challenges?  You bet!  Have we met them head on?  You bet!  There are more challenges ahead, but I also know there are good times ahead. I am certain of this.    

Nothing compares to being mayor of your hometown - a town as great as this one.  The opportunity to make decisions that will provide benefits for generations to come is truly fulfilling.  Thank you for the opportunity you have given to me.


Annise Parker

The entire text of Mayor Parker's prepared 2011 State of the City address is available at  There may have been slight changes in her delivery.