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December 15, 2020

Be Well, Be Connected

Be Well, Be Connected offers access to mental health care for youth ages 9-17. Eligible youth include students from five Houston area school districts as well as youth who are referred from the community. School-based screenings, referrals, and home and community-based services are provided. Direct services are offered to youth who are experiencing disruption and interference in their lives from serious emotional disturbances (SED), including first episode psychosis and bipolar disorder. The services include family support that is offered in their homes and communities. A student can self-refer or be referred by a teacher, parent, or counselor.

For more information, please access the Mayor's Office of Education website at, call 713-798-2567, or email

Be Well, Be Connected is a mental health program that is a collaboration of the City of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine and other medical organizations.