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June 4, 2019

Mayor Turner Asks Citizens to be Aware of Forecast for Heavy Rainfall, Instructs City Departments to Prepare for Possibility of Flooding

Mayor Sylvester Turner today is encouraging residents to be aware of the forecast for heavy rain and to plan accordingly. This means monitoring emergency weather reports and taking extra time for local travel.

The National Weather Service predicts up to six inches of rain or more is likely to fall in Houston beginning overnight Tuesday (tonight) through Thursday.

The mayor has instructed public safety employees in the Office of Emergency Management, Houston Fire, Houston Police, and Public Works to prepare high water rescue assets and street barricades to respond to reports of flash flooding.

Residents are encouraged to register for AlertHouston at and monitor its emergency response site, for updates.

Remember, Turn Around, Don’t Drown.

  • All intersections and underpasses have the potential to be dangerous during storms. Locations of serious flooding can vary.
  • Houston Public Works is staging barricades at several locations throughout the city in anticipation of the storm.


  • The City of Houston is clearing storm drains and ditches, but property owners should ensure that street drains and ditches are on their residential streets are clear of trash, so storm water can flow without obstructions. Blockages of drains, ditches and culverts are the most frequent cause of flooding in neighborhoods.
  • Secure items that might float away in heavy rain and become lodged in drains or culverts.

Lake Houston was lowered for a total of 1 foot after Memorial Day weekend to allow contractors to begin a rehabilitation project on the dam. The contractors are securing the work site for the impending rain.